Product overview

Exhaust air purification industry

Gastronomy exhaust air purification

Kitchen operation with steaming, boiling, frying, roasting

Barbecue operation

For barbecue stations, with rising ash and charcoal bubbles

CGA plus CKA IB Channel

Scrubber plus UV ozone module as duct installation

CGA plus CKA IB Channel plus KAT

Scrubber plus UV-ozone module at the end of the reaction section

Disinfection air


Disinfection of production facilities, packaged containers, packaging material in rooms with people

Water purification

Organic suspended solids

For pre-sedimentation of waste water contaminated with organic loads

Ozon Flotation

Ozone causes organic suspended matter in wastewater to clump together and rise to the surface. This makes them easy to skim off.

Molecules, dyes

For filtering out the finest suspended particles, such as dyes, up to viruses and molecules

Membrane technology

Separation process for particulate matter and long-chain molecules in water. Concentration of blood, denatured starch, thickeners, ferment broths and O/W emulsions.

Magnetic metals

To increase service life and for preclarification of wastewater from metal processing.

Air purifier for the health of the home

Building services

Living space ventilation

Sterilisation and odour neutralisation of the building supply air for controlled residential ventilation

Specialised products for ships

Kitchen exhaust air

Extractor bonnets for the special requirements on ships

  • USPH Galley Hoods
    Customised bonnets for cleaning kitchen exhaust air

  • UVW 1 – 4 Drying bonnets
    Reduction of fat accumulation in kitchen exhaust air using UV ozone technology

  • UVW 1 – 4 Washing bonnets
    Self-cleaning UV ozone bonnet. CIP nozzles keep lamps and aerosol separator back free of grease.

Galley Demand Ventilation

Energy saving through temperature-controlled dampers. Exhaust air adapted to the ship’s exhaust air system and to the requirements of the kitchen appliances below.

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