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Cooker hoods for the catering industry

Fire protection, indoor climate, odor – a good hood is prepared for everything.

  • customized solutions
  • state-of-the-art, highly effective technology
  • low operating costs
  • good indoor climate
  • support from planning to installation

oxytec kitchen exhaust hoods are available with different separators, lighting variants and technologies.

All oxytec kitchen exhaust hoods and components are produced according to DIN EN 16282.

Solutions tailored to on-site requirements

Basically, our aim is to neutralize the fats and odors at the source. For this purpose, we want to offer our customers not only an effective but also an economical solution that meets their individual requirements.

oxytec masters several technologies for exhaust air purification, has its own production and regularly develops new technologies itself. We cooperate with renowned institutes in order to have the cleaning results independently verified.

UV hoods ready for connection

A compact, very effective UV ozone cleaning system for wall or ceiling mounting, ready installed in the hood.

Keeps the exhaust air and exhaust ducts free of grease and takes much of the odor.

Plasma hoods

For particularly high requirements, such as loading the exhaust air with blue smoke, a lot of water vapor and grease, we offer a range of hoods with NT plasma cleaning technology and electrostats. We even have a special module for front cooking stations.

Ventilation ceilings

Complete ventilation and exhaust solutions for intensively used kitchens. Management of supply air, exhaust air and temperature.

The designs

Loaf pan

Trapezoid shape

Jump form

The structure

  • High material thickness
  • Standard LED lights
  • Efficiency separator
  • Shadow cut
  • Canopy
  • Concealed mounting
  • Retrofittable with UV systems

Hood body

Made of stainless steel V2A chrome-nickel steel material
No. 1.4301, seamlessly welded. Weld seams ground not visible from the outside. Surface fine ground coated with plastic foil for protection during transport and assembly. Material thicknesses in the side plates 1.5 mm. All cut edges deburred by machine or provided with a cover. Grease collection channel welded circumferentially grease- and condensate-tight with drain ball valves 3/8″ at deep-drawn discharge point.

Efficiency separator

Type A, tested and flame-arresting according to DIN EN 16282-6. Separation efficiency up to 98 %. Dimensions: 500 x 400 mm (standard); number adjusted to air volume.


1-light with LED tubes with lumen optimized opal enclosure. Luminaire body with IP54 protection class Sekurit glass cover.

oxytec offers hundreds of ways to respond to on-site requirements.

Exhaust hoods with air intake

For better working climate and fire protection

The supply air in catering kitchens must be individually planned and calculated so that the hoods function as desired and in accordance with the standards.

For this purpose, oxytec offers different technical ways to introduce supply air into the hood. The supply air system is important for the functionality of the hood, the fire protection and the working climate. By cleverly guiding the supply air, even front cooking systems can be odor-free and thus an unclouded experience for the guests.

Hoods with automatic washing system

To reduce maintenance even further, we offer self-cleaning hoods with UV-ozone technology. CIP (cleaning in place) nozzles keep the lamps and the rear of the separator free of grease.

The washing cycle and the washing time of the hoods can be individually adjusted. The automatic cleaning system uses little water and soap for effective cleaning of the UV lamps as well as the hood interior. Separate control and washing cabinet with operating hours counter.

Hoods with heat recovery

Heat recovery hoods have an integrated heat exchanger and thus reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.

Efficient grease separators

Properties for all separators:

  • Maximum self-cleaning effect and separation efficiency
  • High flame penetration resistance and temperature resistance
  • Product testing according to product safety law
  • Tested and approved according to EN 16282-6, type A
  • Dishwasher safe

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