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Ozone flotation

Clarify waste water more easily

Organically polluted wastewater can be pre-cleared more easily by introducing ozone: The ozone causes carbon compounds transported in the water to clump together and float to the surface. From there, the solidified components can be removed mechanically.

How ozone disinfects in water

When the water treated with ozone comes into contact with the surfaces to be disinfected, it transfers a free, highly reactive oxygen atom to this material. Impurities and germs on the material are bound by the oxygen.

Ozone cleans much faster and more efficiently than chlorine and, apart from oxygen, no by-products or waste products are produced. Ozone does not damage the skin of humans, nor does it pollute the surfaces to be cleaned or food processing machinery.

Fields of application: Ozone water disinfection

Food production

In food production, contamination is the greatest danger. Bacteria, yeasts, mould spores and viruses in the air can endanger products and employees. At the same time, you want to avoid chemical disinfectants wherever possible.

Ozone disinfection is a cost-effective, safe and automated process that is already widely used in the food industry.

Germ-reduced cold rooms

Shelf life and quality are increased even further if the cold rooms are practically germ-free. For this purpose, it is advisable to wash the rooms with ozonated water before reloading them with goods. This is a very good way to prevent salmonella infections.

Fish production

Fish is known to be particularly sensitive. Ozone disinfection of the production halls brings significant improvements in the appearance of the goods and in their shelf life. The risk of listeria infection is eliminated.

Process and wash water

Water plays an essential role in numerous production processes in the food industry. Germs can get into the products via this water.

Ozonation systems keep the water hygienically fresh and usually save the use of chemicals. Fruit, salad or vegetables washed with ozonated water stay fresh longer.

Advantages of ozone disinfection

  • Replaces time-consuming wipe disinfection
  • Can be automated
  • Harmless to health, leaves no residues, elimination or reduced use of chemicals
  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems

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