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Plasma air purification

Big effect in a small space

The oxytec volume plasma air purification is the most effective and efficient air purification technology currently available on the market.

In oxytec plasma air purifiers, the air flows directly through the plasma. The air pollutants, viruses, bacteria and germs are rendered harmless in fractions of a second. The exiting air is almost odorless.

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Plasma air purification

Solar heat in micro format

What all plasma air purifiers can do

Plasma air purifiers have proven to be an alternative solution for cleaning and odor reduction of kitchen exhaust air. However, conventional plasma air purifiers also have disadvantages.

The principle of operation: the plasma emits highly reactive ozone or carbon monoxide, which then chemically binds the air pollutants and destroys germs. However, other pollutants may be produced in the process, which must then be filtered out again. In the conventional design, the plasma itself remains unused.

oxytec plasma air purifiers are further

Our protected plasma module is the only plasma source that works with volume plasma. Here, the room air travels directly through the plasma field, so it is virtually sent through the sun and extremely heated in a very small space.

In addition to the purifying effect of the plasma heat, there are other effects: highly reactive reaction products such as O2-, OH and radicals such as O- attack the air pollutants and germs. Released UV radiation and free accelerated electrons also occur only in the plasma itself and intensify the reactive effect.

Because all these processes only take place on a micro scale, no heat is generated outside the device. The pollutants are already converted directly in the plasma. At the same time, we achieve more cleaning effect with significantly less ozone and free radicals.

With this innovative and proprietary technology, oxytec plasma air purification works more effectively and efficiently: higher throughput, higher inactivation rate, and extremely low energy consumption compared to other processes.

Areas of application for plasma air purification

Gastronomy: neutralise odours

Catering establishments with adjacent shops or residential areas must be able to discharge their exhaust air to the outside without odour. Plasma technology was developed specifically for odour elimination and has proven itself in gastronomy for many years. The purifying effect is amazing. The exhaust air can even be discharged into areas used by people. Especially when there is not enough space for the required technology, plasma air purification becomes an alternative.

Cleaning industrial exhaust air

oxytec plasma air cleaners purify VOC-contaminated industrial exhaust air, even with pollutant levels in the gram range. With its patented plasma technology, oxytec offers a significantly more efficient alternative to thermal after-treatment: pollutants are destroyed with a fraction of the energy input, odours disappear almost completely. The high expenditure on gas is thus drastically reduced. 

Plasma exhaust air purification can be considered for many fields of food production, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and for all companies that work with paints and solvents.

Kill germs

Plasma air purifiers are extremely effective, especially in air disinfection. Used to purify indoor air, they can make an important contribution to combating epidemics. With plasma air purifiers, companies have an instrument to reduce sick leave and limit the risk of infection from visitors.

Healthy living

Plasma air purifiers can make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of residents. Used in the supply air area, they prevent allergens from entering the living area at all and infecting the ventilation ducts there. Odours, germs and mould spores also stay outside.

Used as extractor bonnets, plasma bonnets effectively neutralise cooking odours. Plasma units also eliminate odours from rubbish rooms and toilets.

Keep rooms odour-free

Gyms, sports halls and changing rooms are often characterised by a typical odour. Plasma air purifiers prevent odours from developing in the first place.

To do this, they disinfect rooms where many people are present, e.g. surgeries and shops, thus significantly reducing the risk of infection. The tiny corona viruses are completely eliminated.

Advantages of plasma air purification

  • Extrem effektiv, auch bei Geruch
  • Beseitigt Schadstoffe und Keime
  • Sehr sparsam im Engergieverbrauch
  • Keine erhöhten Ozonwerte im Raum

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