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Energy-saving exhaust air purification for industry

Purification of air and water
Environmentally friendly disinfection

oxytec builds state-of-the-art plant technology that enables effective cleaning of exhaust air, drastically reduces energy consumption compared to thermal post-treatment and at the same time lowers maintenance costs.

We offer complete solutions based on photolysis oxidation for neutralising specific pollutants such as volatile hydrocarbons, formaldehyde or amines. Water purification and ozone disinfection are also part of our expertise.

Our fields of work in industry

Exhaust air purification

  • Elimination of air pollutants
  • Compliance with TA Luft
  • Heat recovery
  • Neutralisation of odour


  • Air disinfection
  • Water disinfection
  • Surface disinfection

Water purification

  • Drinking water
  • Process water
  • Direct discharge
  • Cooling water and emulsions

Clean air: For nature, for the law,
for a clear conscience.

Neutralise air pollutants

The German Clean Air Act (TA Luft) requires that the impact on residents be kept to a minimum. Our air purification systems, which have been tested by renowned institutes, neutralise not only pollutants but also odour molecules, thus reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum.

Most pollutant problems are solved by oxytec on the basis of UV ozone, a technology modelled on nature. We also use scrubbers and activated carbon filters. Our processes are low-maintenance and consume relatively little energy.

Save energy: Heat recovery

Our cleaning processes also partially extract heat from the exhaust air, which in turn can be used as energy in the production process or elsewhere.

Into the future with plasma technology

We have been working on plasma air purification for more than a decade. In this process, a large proportion of the pollutants are converted into harmless components. With the upstream and downstream stages, the pollutants are reduced by up to 99%.

In cooperation with the OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule- we are constantly developing the technology. A recently completed test with exhaust air from battery recycling showed that the process is also suitable for large volume flows. Plasma exhaust air purification can replace the thermal post-treatment – burning with gas – that has been practiced up to now. Plasma technology is more effective, cleaner and, above all, significantly less expensive.

Pure water with clean technology

Avoid risks with low stakes.

Depending on the requirements, we purify water with specialised technologies that consistently require significantly less energy than, for example, thermal processes.

With drinking water disinfection or process water and wastewater treatment, operational risks are reduced and the costs for wastewater disposal decrease.

Sterilisation of products, packaging and production facilities

Disinfection solutions for every purpose

We have a range of technologies for disinfecting products, packaging and production facilities, all of which are very effective and environmentally friendly. We can find the best individual solution to the requirements of the industry, because we can offer three technologies at once with UV light, UV ozone and ozonated water, with which a very high level of safety can be achieved. This is why we are particularly successful in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our processes save the use of toxic chemicals, work residue-free and do not impair product quality.

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