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Amines are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants, animals and microorganisms and, synthetically produced, in many industrial products. However, they can also cause problems as pollutants.

Primary, secondary tertiary amines

Amines are derivatives of ammonia (NH3) in which one, two or all three hydrogen atoms have been replaced by alkyl groups or aryl groups. Depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that have been exchanged in the ammonia, they are referred to as primary, secondary and tertiary amines.

Amine: Dangers

Amines can be toxic and irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, and even carcinogenic. They can also pollute the environment when released.

Some of the industrial processes that release amines include: the manufacture of plastics and paints; the operation of oil and gas platforms; the refining of oil and gas; the manufacture of textiles, paper and printing inks; and the operation of sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities. Harmful amines occur, for example, in animal production or in connection with industrial molds.

Amines Limits

Amines belong to total C and are covered by the TA Luft.

Our cleaning technology

We neutralize amines in the exhaust air with UV ozone technology. The ozone is generated in an environmentally friendly way via UV light.

If necessary, a column scrubber can be connected upstream to separate ammonia.

Harmful substances are split into water and carbon dioxide.

Depending on the requirements and design, the cleaning effect of the systems is up to 95%, and with a catalyst even 99.9%.

The product


Clean Washer Air
Abluftwäscheranlage, beseitigt wasserlösliche und geruchstragende Partikel, insbesondere Ammonium

The product


Clean Exhaust Air
UV-Ozon-Abluft­reinigungs­anlage zur Erfüllung der TA Luft

Advantages of the oxytec solution

  • Very effective
  • Little space required
  • Much lower energy consumption than thermal processes
  • Very low maintenance

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