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UV-based processes for disinfecting air, water, surfaces



E. Coli





Air disinfection

For the disinfection of exhaust air, recirculated air or room air, we offer various processes that are tailored to typical problem areas. Our technologies are effective against bacteria, viruses, spores and allergens and thus contribute to human health as well as to production safety.

Especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry and in supplying companies, our procedures are frequently used because they are able to solve special problems. In addition, our processes are very well documented, environmentally friendly and not very energy-intensive.

Wide range of applications

  • Production and packaging rooms
  • Cooling and storage rooms
  • Ripening rooms
  • Evaporator
  • Knives
  • Production and packaging facilities
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Hospitals

Sterilisation of production plants

The more hygienic the production, the lower the manufacturer risks and the fewer undesirable preservatives are needed. 

We offer various technologies for the disinfection of production facilities: All types of surfaces can be freed from germs via UV-C irradiation, ozonated air or ozonated water. The use of chemicals can be drastically reduced.

Disinfection of products

The risk of contamination is particularly high when transporting and packaging products. With our processes, we can accompany the entire path of the product until it is safely sealed in a germ-free package.

Even products that are difficult to access, such as hoses or sponges, can be sterilised using individually tailored processes.

Water disinfection

Water is needed for most production processes. We can sterilise drinking water or enrich it with ozone. When it comes to process water, a low germ rate increases the service life, especially with warm water.

We can also pre-clean waste water with various processes, filter it and remove certain substances, grease or magnetic metals.

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