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Gastronomy exhaust air above roof

Avoidable and often not the best solution

Exhaust air from catering establishments, such as restaurants or kitchens, must be discharged in an effective and safe manner to ensure good air quality both indoors and outdoors. The usual and usually required method is to discharge the exhaust air via the roof.

In many cases, however, exhausting air via the roof is extremely complex, in some cases it is not permitted by the preservation order, or it is technically or legally impossible. As a result, many a catering concept is in danger of failing because of this requirement.

More flexibility in gastronomy concepts

Clean exhaust air where it originates

oxytec offers the technological alternative to exhaust air over the roof: With advanced, highly effective cleaning technologies, we free the air from grease, aerosols and odours before it enters the exhaust air ducts.

Because there are no more loads, the exhaust air may also be discharged to the side of the building, e.g. into pedestrian areas. Exhaust air purification is even possible for front cooking stations in the guest area.

Our cleaning technologies

Grease separator

Highly effective, multi-stage grease separators that are easy to clean already get the most out.

UV ozone

Use ultraviolet light and ozone to break down aerosols and thus neutralise them.


The exhaust air is brought into a high energy state. All organic compounds are converted into gas and finally neutralised at the downstream catalyst.


With the purifying power of water, suspended matter is washed out of the air and the air is cooled at the same time.


Even blue smoke is no problem. With electrostats, the harmful components can be almost completely eliminated.

Restaurant in the tower block

After the renovation of an older high-rise building, a restaurant could be opened on the first floor. The exhaust air escapes from the side of the building without passers-by hearing or smelling anything.

Conducting the exhaust air over the roof would have been technically extremely complex and thus practically impossible.

oxytec avoids further problems of exhaust air via roof.

  1. The exhaust air ducts to the outside do not have to be made of expensive stainless steel.
  2. The ducts no longer soot up. This very problem used to cause huge maintenance costs.
  3. There are no more odour problems regardless of the weather and the neighbourhood.
  4. There are no blockages in the exhaust pipe that can lead to interruptions in operation.
  5. Noise pollution from the exhaust air is less, which is often a problem, especially in residential areas.

Restaurant in the shopping centre

Catering concepts in shopping centres, airports, railway stations, office buildings only become possible when the exhaust air problems are solved. As a long-standing partner of the catering industry, oxytec usually finds a solution.

Your advantages

  • Freer choice of catering locations and concepts
  • Very good fire protection
  • No problems with odour
  • Hygiene: elimination of mould spores and other germs
  • Lower costs for construction, maintenance and upkeep

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