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UVC air recirculation disinfection 30

Independent UV-C air disinfection unit for food production

Technical features

This recirculating air purification unit is specially designed for germ-contaminated air Recirculating air purification system for heavily germ-contaminated air in food production as well as in smaller cooling and ripening rooms. An axial fan draws in the germ-contaminated room air and guides it inside the recirculating air sterilization unit via high-power lamps. These low-pressure mercury lamps emit UV-C light of exactly 253.7 nm – a spectral line which has a reliable germicidal effect but does not produce ozone.

Fields of application

  • Is suitable for continuous use in rooms of 30 m²
  • Independent of the building ventilation


  • Inactivates bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mold spores up to 99.9
  • Improves shelf life, appearance and quality of food and ensures germ-free air
  • Highly efficiently eliminates pollutants from indoor air
  • No formation of germ resistance


  • Is suitable for continuous use in rooms of 30 m²
  • Independent of the building ventilation

Technology material

UV-C technology

  • Stainless steel with very high surface quality for highest demands on hygiene
  • The electronics are splash-proof and integrated in the housing
  • High-performance lamp with a service life of 16,000 hours, with constant power output

Installation maintenance

  • Very easy ceiling or wall mounting
  • Mobile use
  • Low maintenance, thus low follow-up costs

Additional info

  • No use of chemicals
  • No residues
  • No radiation load outside the device, thus harmless for products, animals and humans
  • Low noise
  • Low energy costs

Technical data

Product name suitable
for m³
Connected load
in W
in mm (L x Ø)
Weight in kg Packing
in cm/kg
UV-C 30 30 25 380 x 130 4,5 47 x 17 x 17 Stainless steel

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