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Ozone air purifier for the elimination of germs and odours

Rooms that have been contaminated with germs or have taken on unpleasant odours can be completely freed of germs and odours again with ozone.

oxytec air purifiers prevent illnesses, allergies and odours and thus increase health and quality of life. They work quietly and safely because germs are not only filtered but neutralised.

There are many reasons to do something for better breathing air


Allergens in the air can trigger allergic respiratory symptoms such as (hay)rhinitis or asthma. Some allergens are effective all year round, e.g. those from house dust mites, pets and moulds. Pollen allergens, on the other hand, are limited to the flowering period of the respective plants.


A healthy indoor climate is often still underestimated. Air purifiers from oxytec capture all pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts. They completely destroy the incoming germs by means of UV technology and do not only filter them out. Even the very small corona viruses are captured.


The nose is a good indicator of stale air, but cold cigarette smoke, oil and grease fumes and others can also be simply annoying. oxytec has a suitable technical solution for every indoor air problem, all derived from nature’s purification mechanisms.


Mould is harmful to health and also visually unsightly. During remediation, usually only the surfaces are infected. But mould spores come through the air. oxytec air purifiers neutralise spores and all other germs and thus enable a sustainable solution to the problem.

Ozone air purifier from oxytec

Ozone brings back healthy living conditions

Ozone is pure oxygen and therefore reacts very quickly with organic pollutants in the air. Thus, odour-causing molecules in upholstery and on other surfaces are also captured. Even germs in the air we breathe are destroyed by ozone. The proverbial cleansing thunderstorm has the same effect. But in the thunderstorm, the electrical discharges also produce other free radicals that are by no means healthy.

At oxytec, ozone is produced in an environmentally friendly way by UV lamps alone. This means that no harmful by-products are produced. As ozone is highly reactive, it disappears without leaving any residues after treatment. 

No people should be in the room during disinfection because ozone can be harmful to health in higher concentrations. oxytec also offers devices that automatically reduce the ozone level to the natural level after treatment.

Areas of application for ozone room air purification

Eliminate stubborn odours in rooms

Cigarette smells in upholstery and curtains cannot be removed with normal airing. When cleaning with ozonated air, the free oxygen atoms combine with the odour-producing molecules present in the entire room and thus neutralise them. Rooms and fabrics smell fresh again without the use of chemicals.

Getting mould under control

Damp, cool rooms promote mould growth. In most cases, mould always comes back – because the room conditions do not change and because the spores remain in the air even after chemical treatment, e.g. with chlorine.

Ozone treatment also kills the germs in the air and thus fights the evil at its root. In contrast to chemical disinfection, the active ingredient disappears without leaving any residues.

Relieve allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers experience extreme impairments at some times of the year and can hardly work with their symptoms and even find little relaxation at home. Spores spread primarily through the air and can be practically completely neutralised with ozone treatment. Then the symptoms quickly stop.

Plasma: The alternative to ozone air purification

Although ozone is highly effective, it is dangerous for living organisms and food during exposure. That is why oxytec has developed plasma technology. Plasma is a highly reactive aggregate state in which molecules of all kinds are broken up. The sun is nothing other than a gigantic ball of plasma. oxytec generates the plasma in a closed system through which the room air is passed. Germ-laden, smelly stale air becomes germ-free air. Today, plasma air purification is often used in the catering industry because it makes even stubborn grease fumes odour-free again.

Plasma devices for room air purification

CleanairSky: The air purifier for professional environments

Wherever people meet in rooms, the Cleanair Sky is ideal. In doctors’ surgeries, hospitals or nursing homes, sick and very sensitive people come together. In schools, many children sit in a relatively small room. In offices, at meetings, in restaurants, shops or gyms, we also get close to each other.

The whisper-quiet Cleanair Sky is designed for ceiling installation because the air circulation covers the whole room. Frequent ventilation is no longer necessary – and that’s good for the energy balance: one ventilation process consumes 150 times as much energy as the unit.

Cleanair: High-performance air purifier for mobile use

The Cleanair is used in rooms heavily contaminated with germs or odours. The air in the room is freed from all kinds of germs and odour-forming molecules in a highly effective way.

With its multi-stage design consisting of a sponge filter, a plasma cleaning stage and a downstream activated charcoal filter, it removes up to 97% of corona viruses from a room, destroys 99.98% of harmful vapours from building materials or furniture materials and significantly reduces odours from smoke and cooking odours.

The unit has a high-quality stainless steel housing, is ready to plug in and requires little maintenance.

Cleanair Cloud

The Cleanair Cloud is a beautifully designed ceiling-mounted unit that can be placed anywhere there is a ceiling connection. It also functions as a light and therefore makes double use of the connection.

Visitors will not even notice that a highly effective, whisper-quiet plasma air purifier is hidden behind this luminaire. The elegant air purifier neutralises germs in the air and also removes organic pollutants from the air. 

The Cleanair Cloud contributes to a good room climate not only with its advanced technology, but also with its appearance. It can also be supplied in various RAL colours on request.

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