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Pure air and pure water

On ships, a large number of people come together in a limited space and complex technology with high demands on comfort, environmental friendliness and safety.

oxytec ensures hygiene here. Our solutions for keeping breathing air, exhaust air and water clean make a decisive contribution to operational safety and the avoidance of operational interruptions.

Clean air on board

On many ships, people stay mainly in the wind-protected interior. The rooms are closed watertight and windproof. Intermediate doors make the air space small. Thus, the air supply in these rooms is elementary for health and well-being.

Indoor air without germs

Germs spread on ships from person to person, and through the ventilation ducts. Air hygiene is not only immensely important for operational safety, it also increases the comfort for the guests. oxytec devices make the air germ-free and also catch spores and allergens.

Keep air ducts clean

The warm, humid atmosphere on ships provides ideal living conditions for germs. They accumulate especially in the air ducts, which are difficult to access, and this can be recognized by musty odors. Our UV ozone air purifiers combat the cause at the source and keep the air fresh.

Hygiene in cold rooms

Low-germ and fragrant cold storage air keeps food appetizingly fresh for longer. Fresh goods increase the satisfaction of the guests, damage caused by spoiled goods is minimized.
Our air disinfection units can also be easily integrated into existing systems.

Cigarette smell

Smoke odor disturbs. Whether fresh smoke in the air you breathe or cold air in curtains and upholstery – smoke odor even annoys smokers. oxytec air purification systems can neutralize the odor at the source. And with UV ozone you even get smokers’ rooms fresh again.

Disinfection systems based on UV-C technology

Ventilation systems and Fan Coils

  • UV-C modules for ventilation systems for easy retrofitting, calculation of the disinfection performance based on the respective requirements – up to 99.9% disinfection
  • UV-C single-lamp systems for small air flows, waterproof to IP68, can be used in addition to ventilation systems and fan coils in storage tanks or surface treatment in crate washers

Disinfection in cold rooms

  • UV-D modules with shielding for disinfection directly at the evaporator.
  • Plug-in UV-C room air disinfection lamp for areas where there is constant air movement

Room air purifier

  • Ozone air purifier for the elimination of odors from room air, from surfaces, also for the disinfection of surfaces as well as for the removal of allergenic substances – for small room volumes to large rooms/public areas.

Manage kitchen exhaust air

On all ships the kitchen plays an important role for the satisfaction on board. This is true on yachts as well as on cruise ships. oxytec ensures that the galley does not become a problem stove.

Food smell

You like to smell the food when you have it on your plate. But not so much before or after. The best way to avoid food odor is to not let it out in the first place. Our custom fume hoods tackle the cause at the source. Depending on the technology you choose, the odor can be neutralized to the point where the exhaust air doesn’t have to be routed over the roof.

Avoid grease deposits

Kitchens generate large quantities of exhaust air containing grease and water vapor, which quickly contaminates the exhaust ducts. They are then very difficult to clean. Using multi-stage cleaning processes, we remove the grease from the air above the cooking zone and can thus keep the ducts free. We even have suitable solutions for air containing smoke and carbon.

Minimize fire hazard

There is grease and fire in kitchens. This means that hoods and ducts pose a fire hazard that must be minimized at all costs, especially on ships. By suitably dimensioning the hoods, with specially shaped separators and by removing the grease from the exhaust air, our solutions make a decisive contribution to fire protection.

Systems for kitchen exhaust air

Extractor hoods

  • Condensate hoods, grease filter hoods, recirculation hoods, UV-C/ozone hoods, UV-C/ozone washing hoods
  • Manufactured according to the specifications of the shipping company
  • Easy to fit, no welding on board

Cooker hoods as recirculation solution

  • Plasma hoods in different lengths and widths as well as exhaust air volumes for areas without existing exhaust air ducting

Plasma exhaust air purification for cooking odors

  • 100% odor elimination
  • Exhaust air possible to sun decks or public areas
  • Exhaust air solutions from side exhaust vents on mega yachts or river cruisers

We eliminate odors right at the source.

To get odors on ships under control, we start where they originate:

Garbage rooms

Regular air changes are necessary in trash rooms. Ideally, the cleaning of the air already starts in the garbage room itself, because this also slows down the bacterial decomposition processes.

Food waste

Liquid waste often stinks even more than solid or mixed residues. Therefore, exhaust air purification is also useful here.

Gray water

Gray water can quickly smell like a cesspool and significantly affect vacation enjoyment if guests notice any of it.

Grease separator tanks

Grease is an odor carrier, which is particularly noticeable in the case of grease separator tanks. Our air purification systems catch even the smallest grease particles and can thus make them odor-free.


oxytec air purification systems are effective against ammonia and thus also get toilet odor under control.

Cigarette smell

Smoke odor is annoying. Whether it’s fresh smoke in the air you breathe or cold air in curtains and upholstery – smoke odor even annoys smokers.

Sterilization and odor neutralization based on plasma technology

Fan Coils

  • Equipment of fan coils for passenger cabins to eliminate viruses, bacteria and odors, easy retrofitting into existing fan coil systems
  • Proven technology, derived from use in low-energy houses, connection to ship automation via fault contact (hard wire)

Garbage rooms

  • Reduction of odors with simultaneous reduction of exhaust air,
  • Energy efficient

Room air purifier against viruses and odors

  • Room air cleaners as “stand alone” units as well as for installation in ceilings, walls or cabinets
  • Recirculating air purification systems for casino areas (CAP systems from 600 to 10,000 cbm/h)
  • Cleanair Sky (ceiling model)
  • Cleanair Cloud for public areas ( hanging lamp with integrated lamp, design object)
  • Cleanair Modules (for installation in ceilings, walls, cabinets)

Reduction of nicotine deposits

  • Plasma systems for injection into supply air systems

Pure water

Clean water is just as important on ships as clean air. Water is an ideal breeding ground for dangerous germs and unwanted clouding caused by algae.

Drinking water

The drinking water needed on ships can be taken along or it can be produced much more easily directly on board river or sea ships, thus saving ballast. At the same time, germination is prevented in the process.

Water safety

Where there are drinking water tanks and pipes, there are also dangers: Perfect water quality cannot always be ensured. UV-based water disinfection systems work residue-free and safely.

Pool water hygiene

Pools on ships are usually relatively small and heavily frequented. UV disinfection systems are more effective than chlorine. The bathers do not notice anything, while the system eliminates all bacteria and viruses and even the smallest algae.

Waste water

Ship sewage may only be discharged into the sea in a treated and disinfected state. It is also the responsibility of ship operators not to place additional burdens on the sensitive ecosystems of rivers and seas.

Water treatment products

UV-W disinfection systems

  • Disinfection with a reduction of pathogenic germs in the water by up to 99.999%.
  • Purely physical process without residues

Ozonated water

  • Disinfection with ozone works more effectively than any other disinfectant and requires only a very short contact time.
  • Captures germs even in niches
  • Very economical
  • No harmful residues, as ozone naturally decomposes in the water.

Advantages of a cooperation with oxytec

  • Individual solutions specially developed for ships
  • Own stainless steel and aluminum production
  • Prefabricated solutions made to measure
  • Clocking into shipbuilding
  • High quality products designed for low maintenance
  • Worldwide installation, commissioning and maintenance

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