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Air purifier against corona viruses – proven effective protection

A significant contribution to reducing the risk of infection with corona viruses is the purification of indoor air. Air purifiers from oxytec can reduce the amount of viruses in the room air by up to 99%.

oxytec air purifiers work on the basis of UV light and therefore completely destroy all germs and allergens such as pollen, spores, molds, house dust allergens. This effect has been tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute under real conditions.

Viruses are the biggest challenge.

Corona viruses are only 1 thousandth of a millimeter in size and are thus among the smallest viruses of all. Because oxytec air purifiers are also effective against these tiny germs, they also help against all other germs and allergens:


oxytec air purifiers deactivate all pollen, creating an irritation-free environment for people with pollen allergies.

House dust

oxytec air cleaners get even the finest residues of house dust mites out of the air we breathe and thus fight the problem of house dust allergy at its root.


Mold spreads via spores. oxytec air purifiers get them out of the air we breathe, thus avoiding irritation of the respiratory tract and preventing further spread.

Animal allergies

oxytec air purifiers neutralize the animal proteins that trigger the allergies and thus provide relief, e.g. in case of cat allergy.

The moment of truth comes when the filter is changed. The dose of coronaviruses collected in weeks is stuck in this filter and is still active. This is a huge risk for the person changing the filter – and everyone present in the room.

Christian Haverkamp, oxytec AG

oxytec air purifiers are superior to devices with Hepa filters

oxytec air purifiers completely deactivate the germs and allergens instead of just filtering them. So the risk is not postponed to the day of the filter change. After all, the dangerous air components remain active in the filter.

Hepa filters also need to be changed regularly, which often does not happen in time because of the high cost.

UV-C Air Purifier: Healthy Breathing Air without Germs and Allergens

UV-C air purifiers use a mechanism of nature. The UV-C components of sunlight have an antibacterial effect and can destroy all germs depending on the dose. Our devices are designed to reliably neutralize even the tiny corona viruses. Thus, all house dust, asthma and pollen allergens are also neutralized.

UV-C air purifier from oxytec, ideal for allergies and asthma


The air purifier for everywhere – wherever you need healthy air to breathe.

Plasma air purifier: even more powerful, also against odor

Plasma is a high-energy state in which organic molecules break down and free oxygen is created. oxytec air purifiers work with a patented technology in which the plasma is used twice to purify the air. The heat of the plasma neutralizes all germs and allergens and many other organic compounds that are perceived as odors, for example. Released ozone combines with what the plasma has left.

Plasma air purifiers thus capture not only all germs, but also odor components in the air.

The plasma air purifiers from oxytec:

Cleanair Cloud

The highly effective air purifier against germs and odor. And also a light.


The mobile professional device for neutralizing germs and odor.

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