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Cleanair Sky

Where there are people, there are germs.

The air purifier that gives safety

Destroys germs 100% Also eliminates odors, pollen and spores Inconspicuous, does not get in the way

How to recognize a good air purifier:

It not only filters, it eliminates the germs.

The CleanairSky works with volume plasma technology: The air is passed through plasma for a brief moment and is thus 100% sterilized. Hepa filters, on the other hand, only collect the germs. Used filters are even classified as hazardous materials and must be disposed of with protective clothing!

It is quiet.

The volume plasma technology used by oxytec generates little air resistance. As a result, the fan is barely audible. Filter-based devices need powerful fans to get the air through the fine-mesh filter. And that causes noise.

It involves the room.

The Cleanair Sky collects the stale, germ-laden air at the ceiling and lets out germ-free air at the side. In this way, the room air circulates from the bottom to the top – and not from one person to another.

He hardly makes any effort.

With the Cleanair Sky, a dust filter only needs to be replaced once a year. A new activated carbon filter is only due after 5-7 years.

What our customers say:

Medical area

“Since we have had the Cleanair Sky, we have not had a single Corona infection detected in our pharmacy. Yet we deal with many Corona sufferers. Usually we don’t get any information about it because the customers have symptoms but don’t know it themselves. And some are in quarantine, but they still get medication and don’t tell us. That’s where our Cleanair Sky directly above the counter is an important and reassuring protection. The pharmacy is right next to the doctor’s office, so it’s right on the front line. All patients with infections and gastrointestinal viruses come directly to us after their doctor’s appointment. So the Cleanair Sky makes extreme sense for us, even after the pandemic. What I also like is that you almost don’t hear the unit, it’s nowhere in the way and completely unobtrusive.”

Waltraud Hendrich, Apotheken-Angestellte

Educational Institutions

“There hasn’t been a single Corona case in our elementary school for eleven months. The Cleanair Sky really brings safety. That is also important for the parents. We find it very positive that the units do not require much maintenance nor do they produce hazardous waste. Because the Cleanair hangs under the ceiling and is very quiet, it is not noticed at all in class.”

Margrit Wolter, Schulrektorin


“In the meantime, we have equipped all meeting rooms and open-plan offices in our company with the Cleanair Sky. Equipping the rooms with the devices gives both us as management, but above all also our employees, a reassuring feeling. We also receive positive feedback time and again from our customers and business partners for the aspect of safety in the workplace. Even in times of extremely high corona incidence, we have been spared an internal outbreak. Personally, I am very convinced of the equipment as well as the efficiency and my expectations of the Cleanair Sky have been met.”

Mark Tschesche, Geschäftsführer Rapiro Haustechnik GmbH


“In the Weingarten restaurant, the Cleanair Sky hangs above the entrance to the kitchen. What it does there is enormous. In the past, there was always a haze coming out of the kitchen when the door opened. That was a problem, especially in the summer, when the kitchen door had to stay open because otherwise you couldn’t stand being near the hot stove. Everyone is probably familiar with this typical deep fryer smell. The Cleanair has to swallow a lot in our house, and it does it really well.
Since we’ve had the Cleanair, we haven’t had a single corona breakout. When I compare us with others, I have to say that the Cleanair has played an important role. The feedback from our guests is also very good. We are often asked about our air cleaners. That’s why we purchased the devices and provide information about them on our website. People who go out to eat want to be able to relax.”

Petra Gerlach, Geschäftsführerin Restaurant Weingarten


“We tested the Cleanair Sky together with the University of Göttingen. In a room where 26 members were doing strength training. And where eleven people were doing cycling. You could see on the screen in both rooms how quickly and drastically the concentration of aerosols dropped as a result of the Cleanair. We’ve never had a corona contagion here, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.
And of course, when a lot of people in the room start sweating, you can smell it. The Cleanair Sky is great there, too: it keeps the air smelling fresh and clean. I was so convinced by the device that I immediately equipped our new store with the units as well.”

Andreas Vogelsang, Inhaber Fitness-Studio MaxWell


“I think the Cleanair Sky is super. It is so quiet that you have to prick up your ears to hear it at all. We haven’t had a single corona infection in our salon since I got the Cleanair Sky. I work close to the clients, the device makes everyone feel safer. Because my customers have wet hair and my salon is located on a noisy federal highway, I can’t ventilate all the time. Especially in winter, that would be an imposition. So I’m glad that the Cleanair Sky provides clean, fresh air. Also in view of the skyrocketing energy prices, the device is worthwhile for me every day anew.”

Sylvia Tönnies, Friseurmeisterin

    The main advantages of the Cleanair Sky:

    Sterilized instead of just filtering

    Pollen and spores are also neutralized

    Eliminates odor and improves the air

    Hardly any maintenance required

    Very quiet

    Our complete offer:

    Cleanair Sky
    2700 € 


    (from 2 piece)

    200 € 
    (150 €)

    * Prices net plus VAT.

    oxytec – specialist for air purifiers in the professional sector

    Oxytec is one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers based on UV technology and is a pioneer in energy-saving, highly reliable air purification technologies. oxytec devices are used for a wide range of applications in the food industry, hospitals and catering. oxytec is the only manufacturer to work with the reliable and energy-saving volume plasma technology.

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