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Food production

Air, water, surfaces –
Cleaning and disinfection

oxytec develops, produces and installs equipment for the removal of organic contaminants, germs and odors. The many years of experience with the high hygiene requirements of the food industry help to keep risks at bay and to noticeably improve product quality and shelf life.

Maturation with long shelf life and ideal appearance

Meat and cheese in particular need optimum air conditions if they are to ripen to a high quality. UV-C light keeps the germ load to a minimum. The appearance of the food is well preserved during storage. The shelf life is significantly extended without the use of preservatives.

Our highly effective UV-C air sterilization can also be integrated directly into the evaporators (cooling agitators) of cold rooms and is therefore also suitable for very large rooms with working people.


  • Roast beef without bacterial infestation, even after 21 days
  • Intense meat color is preserved (myoglobin)
  • Fresh smell in cooling
  • Unbeatable quality of minced meat

Dried fruit

  • prevention of mold growth
  • Longer shelf life
  • Appetizing appearance
  • No fungicides required
  • No residues

Cheese making

  • Prevention of foreign infections from the air
  • Avoidance of chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide)
  • Significantly longer shelf life
  • Improvement of product appearance
  • Unproblematic even in very humid rooms


  • Longer durability
  • Better optics
  • Less waste


  • Prevention of mold growth
  • Significantly longer shelf life
  • Consistency and fresh appearance are preserved significantly longer

Tested by the Fraunhofer Institute

The Fraunhofer Institute has thoroughly investigated the effect of UV disinfection on a meat processing plant in Switzerland. In the analyzed processing areas, the indoor air was significantly less contaminated with germs compared to the outdoor air. Thanks to the UV supply air disinfection, the germ count was reduced to one 10 millionth compared to literature values.

Exhaust air, supply air, recirculated air – clean and disinfect.

Clean greasy exhaust air

For the purification of strong-smelling, greasy, hot exhaust air from frying lines, deep fryers and smokers, we offer UV-C/ozone exhaust air purification systems.

Neutralize odor

oxytec cleaning systems avoid odor nuisance in the environment, ensure compliance with official requirements and prevent grease sooting in the exhaust air ducts.

Clean smoke exhaust air

We pre-clean exhaust air containing particles with space-saving scrubbers and avoid filters that would otherwise clog quickly. With post-treatment, we can then almost completely neutralize odors.

Sterilize air

Sterilized supply air and circulating air significantly increases the quality and shelf life of the produced food. With our UV-C devices, the process is safe for people in the room.

With our products you comply with the TA Luft and other environmental regulations


Our plants reduce the TOC value significantly, even well below the legally prescribed level.
We support you from the analysis to the dimensioning and the installation up to the operation.


We also get volatile hydrocarbons (VOC) under control very well with our UV-C/ozone and PLasma systems. The systems are economical in energy consumption and can be used on/off without pre-run.

Sterilization with UV technology:
Better shelf life, less chemistry

Sterilize production lines

Production lines can be sterilized with UV-C radiation in the process and at 99.9%. Production interruptions can be avoided, the risk of production downtime and recalls is systematically reduced. And the use of chemicals is minimized.

Sterilize packaging

oxytec disinfects packaging materials as well as packaged primary products. Because they can also carry germs into production. UV-C light disinfects surfaces without leaving residues and without affecting odor and taste.
oxytec can also disinfect technical products with UV light, ozonated air or ozonated water.

Sterilize transport packaging

Supplied primary products or internally transported ingredients can carry germs into production via their packaging. We can prevent this with UV-C irradiation or UV ozone.

Sterilize production rooms

With our methods, we cover the entire production environment, from the floor to the production equipment to the air. With ozonated air, ozonated water or with UV-C irradiation, we also reach inaccessible areas, in contrast to other methods.

Neutralize the typical germs in food production

Until now, the only way to combat germs was temperature or chemicals. With UV-C irradiation and UV ozone, we have safe and significantly less energy-intensive alternatives.


Legionella are bacteria that live in water and cause various diseases in humans, from flu-like symptoms to severe pneumonia. The widespread germs are normally neutralized by increasing the temperature. However, this is energy-intensive and causes increased lime precipitation. oxytec offers cost-saving, tested and certified processes as an alternative.

E. coli

Escheririchia coli (E. coli) are among the most common causes of infectious diseases. The bacterium is normally found in the human intestine and accounts for about 1‰ of the intestinal flora. Contaminated drinking water, meat products, certain cheeses and raw vegetable products can lead to their spread. They therefore pose a major threat to food production.


Salmonella are similar to E.coli bacteria and belong to the zoonoses, germs that can infect humans and animals. They occur particularly frequently on eggs and poultry. Salmonella can survive for weeks outside the host, some types can multiply already above 6 degrees. They are only destroyed at above 70°.


Listeria are widespread in nature, found on dead organic material, both on plant material and in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. Thus, there is a risk of germination especially in meat and fish and in raw milk products. They can also colonize plants through fertilization with animal waste products. They are frequently found in ready-to-cook, packaged salads.

Water purification and disinfection.
More safety, less use of resources.

Drinking water disinfection

With our UV reactors, we sterilize drinking water to 99.999%, odor-free and completely without the use of chemicals. The natural taste is preserved. No by-products are produced.
The plants comply with the drinking water ordinance and are certified.

Process water

Germs can also be carried into production through process water, such as blanching water, defrosting water, and washing water. With our UV and UV-ozone processes, we disinfect this water and increase production safety.
We prepare production wastewater for discharge into the public sewage system.

Waste water

We solve wastewater problems on a problem-specific basis. Depending on the load, we remove suspended solids, germs or specific substances down to specific molecules. We can remove fats almost completely. Our technology converts toxins into non-toxic compounds, and we can reduce COD and BOD5 values by up to 80%.

Preliminary clarification

We clarify wastewater heavily contaminated with organic substances via discharged ozone: The substances rise to the surface as sludge and can then be easily skimmed off.

Environmentally friendly cleaning processes
especially for food production

UV-C irradiation

Especially in production rooms where people are present, the risk of contamination is high. UV-C irradiation continuously disinfects surfaces and room air, and even mold spores are sustainably inactivated. The process is harmless to humans and animals. In animal husbandry, infections can be prevented.

UV-ozone air purification

Especially during frying and deep-frying processes, grease-contaminated exhaust air flows into the exhaust air systems, odor nuisances arise, ventilation ducts “soot up”. oxytec UV ozone systems convert the grease into gaseous components. The odor nuisance is eliminated, gaseous components can be further filtered or discharged to the outside without deposits.

Ozone disinfection

Germs on production equipment, products, packaging are eliminated by 99.9% with ozone. Ozone can be introduced directly, via ozonated air or ozonated water, leaves no residues or toxic by-products and is approved as a disinfectant by the Federal Health Office.

Plasma air purification

Plasma technology is based on a purely physical principle and, like UV-C/ozone technology, works entirely without chemicals. Plasma technology was developed specifically for odor elimination and has proven its worth in gastronomy and industry. Bacteria, viruses and spores are neutralized. Solids and aerosols are separated in the pre-filter stages.

Laundry systems

Barbecues and smokehouses cause high temperatures with low humidity and emit a lot of ash and coal particles. This means not only a high degree of pollution, but also a fire hazard. Smoke scrubbers from oxytec circulate water which binds smoke, fats and soot particles. Depending on the process, the scrubbing water can be used for a longer period of time.

Ozone Flotation

Water heavily polluted with organic substances can be clarified more easily by introducing ozone and allowing it to react with the organic components. A sludge is formed, which rises to the surface of the water and can be easily removed from there with a rake.

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