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Air purifier asthma – also for allergies

oxytec air purifiers work on the basis of UV light and therefore completely destroy all germs and allergens such as pollen, spores, molds, house dust allergens. All allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief.

oxytec air purifiers differ from devices with Hepa filters, where all these allergens end up in the filter but remain active in principle.

Allergy sufferers also have to change filters. I don’t want to imagine what an asthmatic feels when he has to dispose of the concentrated dose of germs and allergens in hepa filters.

Christian Haverkamp, oxytec AG

Breathe freely indoors.
Completely without irritated eyes and nose.
And without germs.


Es gibt die unterschiedlichsten Pollenallergien. Schwer zu sagen, was gerade blüht und der Auslöser ist. oxytec Luftreiniger deaktivieren alle Pollen.

House dust

House dust allergy sufferers react to the residues of the house dust mite, not to the mite itself. That is why oxytec air purifiers also get these fine invisible residues out of the air you breathe.


Mold spreads via its spores. Instead of fighting it on surfaces with chemicals, oxytec air purifiers get the spores out of the air and thus fight the evil at its source.

Animal allergies

Allergies to certain animals are triggered by their proteins, which are found in the air and on hair. oxytec air purifiers neutralize these proteins.

Asthma – air purifiers are the best recipe

Asthma is triggered by organic pollutants in the air. In cold weather, when it gets foggy, in summer, when industrial fumes are concentrated in the air, when cleaning at home, when passive smoking, the concentrations of pollutants are particularly high.

It is precisely because circumstances cannot usually be changed that it is important to reduce pollutants in the air where we live. And that is very often indoors, such as your own home or workplace.

Air purifiers are therefore an ideal remedy against asthma, especially if they are oxytec air purifiers, because they not only filter the allergens, but destroy them.

UV-C Air Purifier: Healthy Breathing Air without Germs and Allergens

UV-C air purifiers use a mechanism of nature. The UV-C components of sunlight can destroy all germs, depending on the dose. Our devices are designed to reliably neutralize all types of germs, even the tiny corona viruses. Thus, all house dust, asthma and pollen allergens are also neutralized.

Air purification via UV-C light has great advantages:

Filters are no longer needed, which are dangerous to handle, especially for allergy sufferers. The costly replacement of the Hepa filter is no longer necessary and the energy balance is also better.

UV-C air purifier from oxytec, ideal for allergies and asthma


The air purifier for everywhere – wherever they need healthy air to breathe.

Plasma air purifier: even more powerful, also against odor

Plasma is a high-energy state in which organic molecules break down and free oxygen is created. oxytec air purifiers work with a patented technology in which the plasma is used twice. The heat of the plasma neutralizes all germs and allergens and many other organic compounds that are perceived as odors, for example. Released ozone combines with what the plasma has left.

Plasma air purifiers are therefore ideal where clean air, free of germs and allergens, is desired and where odors should also be eliminated. oxytec plasma air purifiers thus produce fresh air in a comprehensive sense.

The plasma air purifiers from oxytec:

Cleanair Cloud

The highly effective air purifier against germs and odor. And also a light.


The mobile professional device for neutralizing germs and odor.

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