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Plasma air purifier – liberation from germs and odours

The plasma technology developed by oxytec cleans the air at the highest level. All germs, such as bacteria, viruses, spores and allergens are completely eliminated. Odours disappear.

In the catering industry, our plasma technology even cleans heavily polluted greasy exhaust air with lots of water vapour. It’s time for this powerful technology to become established in the living environment as well.

Christian Haverkamp, oxytec AG

Fresh air, free from odour, free from germs:

Air purifier based on plasma technology.

Kitchen odours

Fish, onion and cabbage are healthy, but the smell in the flat …


Dogs are great. But sometimes they just smell.

Cigarette smoke

Wherever the smoke comes from, you don’t want it in your home.


Some smells you don’t want at all. Nowhere.

Plasma: The most effective cleaning technology for breathing air

Plasma technology was originally developed to create ozone. Plasma is a high-energy state that heats molecules to ultra-high temperatures and thus splits them. Among other things, this produces free oxygen, which reacts with air pollutants and binds them.

oxytec has further developed this technology. Now the air to be cleaned flows directly through the plasma and is heated to ultra-high temperatures. No germ has a chance to survive, organic molecules break up. Ozone is also created in the process. Its free oxygen atoms react with the remaining pollutants. The rest is removed by an activated carbon filter at the end of the system.

Plasma air purifiers from oxytec clean the air like the proverbial purifying thunderstorm. Thunderstorm lightning also produces ozone. Plasma air purifiers from oxytec, however, do not generate the ozone with electricity, but via UV light. Therefore, unlike thunderstorms, they do not produce nitrogen oxides. oxytec air purifiers produce only fresh air, odours disappear and, of course, so do germs in the air.

Plasma air purifier from oxytec:

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