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Air purification modules for building ventilation

Building services more economical and hygienic

Indoor air in living and working areas is sometimes many times more polluted than outdoor air. With professional air purification systems, the air quality is massively improved, spores and pathogens are eliminated – for lower sick leave and a better quality of life.

Solutions for the challenges of modern ventilation technology

Remove odour from exhaust air

The building regulations require supply and exhaust air for waste rooms, wet waste facilities, grease separator rooms, toilets and wastewater galleys. This also allows unpleasant odours to escape to the outside, which is becoming a problem with the ever-tighter building density in inner-city locations.

oxytec offers single- or multi-stage systems for odour and germ reduction that can be integrated directly into the exhaust air ducts or installed independently of the duct system.

Hygienic air exchange

Fresh air to breathe is an important prerequisite for health and well-being. Today, the indoor air in recreational and work areas is often many times more polluted than the outdoor air.

In conference and office rooms, where resilience and productivity are required, as well as in rooms where the best hygienic conditions must prevail, fresh and clean air is of particular importance.

Professional air purification systems from oxytec can be integrated directly into the ventilation systems to create clean and fresh room air already in the building services. The UV-based air purifiers offer long-term effective protection against odours, allergenic particles, pollutants and stale air.

With UV air purification, spores and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria are not only filtered, but neutralised. Residents, staff and guests can thus rely on permanently hygienic air conditions.

Hygiene in hospitals, nursing homes and medical practices

In hospitals and care facilities, sensitive patients and public traffic come together. It is therefore particularly difficult to get a grip on airborne contamination.

With UV air disinfection, germs are killed and there is no problem of resistance formation as with MRSA.

Air purifiers should therefore not be missing from a hygiene concept. UV-based air purifiers can be installed directly in the ventilation ducts or retrofitted where there is room for them.

Controlled living space ventilation

Depending on the design, hygiene issues also arise with controlled ventilation of living spaces. The hygiene goal runs counter to the goal of saving energy and thus achieving as few air changes as possible. The longer the germs stay in the warm and humid ducts, the more critical for a healthy indoor climate.

oxytec systems disinfect the air as it flows through the ducts, thus giving visitors greater safety. There is no need to compromise on the goal of saving energy. Another advantage: the maintenance effort is significantly reduced.

Technologies to improve building ventilation systems

UV ozone exhaust air purification for the elimination of odours

The easy-to-use UV ozone technology is particularly suitable for odorous exhaust air from waste rooms and toilets.

The ozone produced by a UV lamp from atmospheric oxygen reduces odours, H2S and ammonia and also destroys germs and spores in the air.

The unit is easy to install and can also be easily integrated into existing systems.


In the case of heavily polluted exhaust air, air that has already been pre-cleaned using UV ozone technology can be further purified using a catalytic converter. In this way, up to 99% of the pollutants can be removed from the exhaust air.

Plasma exhaust air purification

Sometimes the structural requirements for exhaust air purification are not met. For these cases, we have an independent solution that can be placed freely in the room.

With plasma technology and a multi-stage filter process, the room air is cleaned in a circulating manner and freed from odours, germs and spores.

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