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Air purifier technology for health and well-being

Air purifiers from oxytec are far superior to conventional air purifiers with Hepa filters, because they destroy all viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air instead of just filtering them out. As a result, the units require little maintenance and get by with quieter fans. And there is no need to change the hepa filter, which is dangerous to health and expensive.

We breathe in what others breathe out

Especially when many people are in one room, the risk of infection is high. Viruses, bacteria, allergens come through the air and go directly into our sensitive lungs.

Air purifiers from oxytec clean the air we breathe – the most important food and an essential contribution to health and well-being.

The cleaning effect has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and found to be highly efficient with up to 99% virus deactivation.

UV-C air purifier:
Disinfection with light

Healthy breathing air without germs and allergens

Disinfection with UV light is based on a mechanism of nature. It was scientifically proven over 100 years ago that the UV-C components of sunlight destroy germs. Our devices are designed to reliably neutralize all types of germs, even the tiny corona viruses. All house dust, asthma and pollen allergens are also eliminated.

Our UV-C air purifiers

Plasma air purifier based on UV:
Solar heat in the micro range

Eliminates germs, allergens – and odor

Plasma is a high-energy aggregate state in which organic molecules are broken up. Among other things, this produces free oxygen, which reacts with pollutants in the air. Conventional plasma air purifiers clean the air with these free radicals.

Our plasma air purifiers have a patented special feature: the air to be purified is passed directly through a plasma field and heated to ultra-high temperatures in the micro range. This more effective process requires less energy and works cleaner. Thus, not only all germs and allergens, but also the odor-causing molecules in the air are neutralized.

Our plasma air purifiers are multi-stage: A sponge filter removes coarse particles from the air. The plasma field purifies the air flowing through it. A downstream activated carbon filter removes any organic molecules that may still be present.

Our plasma air purifiers for indoor air disinfection

Cleanair Cloud

The highly effective air purifier against germs and odor. And also a light.


The mobile professional device for neutralizing germs and odor.

Office, practice, retail stores, catering:
Protection for many people indoors

Clean breathing air also pays off for entrepreneurs: Visitors can no longer bring in germs as easily. Employees are less likely to become infected.

The advantage of ceiling placement

Bad air rises. Air purifiers on the ceiling suck in stale and germy air without moving it through the entire room first. The purified air exits from the side of the unit: This allows air to circulate from bottom to top, rather than left to right. The exhaled air does not move from person to person before it is purified.

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