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CAP mini

Exhaust air cleaning garbage room

Plasma device for installation in ventilation ducts

Technical features

This unit is independent of location and duct system and can be integrated anywhere.

Fields of application

  • Garbage rooms


  • Frees from annoying odors
  • Purification of exhaust air from viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold spores


  • Garbage rooms

Technology material

Plasma technology

  • Multi-stage design: pre-filter, EC fan, plasma unit with activated carbon

Installation maintenance

  • P20 flange
  • Power supply via on-site main switch
  • Control panel with 4-step switch (on/off function) made of plastic with 5 m cable

Additional info

  • 230V/50 Hz

Technical data

Product name Suitable for m³/h Power consumption (total) in kW Equipment Connected load in kW (electrostat) Connected load in kW (fan) Free external pressure increase in Pa Dimensions in mm (L x H x W) Weight in kg Material
CAP 600 SS ES 600 0,31 With electrostat 0,08 0,23 100 1100 x 380 x 320 60 Stainless steel
CAP 1100 SS ES 1.100 0,62 With electrostat 0,16 0,46 100 1100 x 380 x 620 100 Stainless steel

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