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Cleanair Cloud

The elegant air purifier with plasma technology, at the same time a luminaire



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Technical features

This room air purifier is designed for germ-laden, smelly room air. It ensures highly effective purification of indoor air by effectively not only filtering but inactivating viruses, bacteria, yeasts, mold spores in the air and eliminating pollen. The Cleanair Cloud ensures a high level of purification of indoor air thanks to a multi-stage system. The special feature of the Cleanair Cloud lies in the room air flow: the exhaled air is captured by both the thermal and the suction of the device at the ceiling, without being distributed further in the room. It is sterilized in the unit and blown out parallel to the ceiling. Due to the
Coanda effect, the air flows along the ceiling to the walls. Since the walls are usually colder than the room air, the air is cooled there, sinks towards the floor and is distributed there. Thus, the displacement air system is realized. The exhaled air, which is contaminated with aerosols, possibly viruses
aerosols and viruses, is not mixed with the room air, but is led directly to the unit and purified.
cleaned. In this way, the people in the room are supplied with clean displacement air from below.

Fields of application

  • Is suitable for continuous indoor use


  • Inactivates 97 % of corona viruses in indoor air (study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics).
  • Destroys harmful vapors (e.g. VOCs from furniture, building materials, paints) at a rate of 99.98
  • Reduces odor pollution from smoke and cooking odors


  • Is suitable for continuous indoor use

Technology material

  • Recirculating air cleaner in aluminum housing consisting of multi-stage system: pre-filter, plasma and activated carbon.
  • made of high quality aluminum, powder coated
  • remote operation, control in 4 levels
  • Power stage for meeting breaks

Installation maintenance

  • For easy ceiling mounting
  • Suspension from the ceiling
  • Low maintenance, thus low follow-up costs

Additional info

  • Automatic shutdown in case of malfunction
  • 36 W LED

Technical data

Product name suitable
for m²
Volume in m³/h Connected
load in W
Mains voltage Dimensions
in mm (L x )
level (dB)
in kg
Cleanair Cloud
25-56 150-600 21-75 230 V/50 Hz 325 x 900
28-58 ca. 50

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