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Magnetic separator: getting metal out of the water

Water-miscible cooling lubricants (oil-in-water emulsions or synthetic emulsions) are used in metalworking (rolling, drilling, turning, milling and grinding).

Magnetic separators separate the coarse and fine magnetic particles contained from the emulsion, and the lubricant is largely retained. The advantages: less metal sludge, lower disposal costs and less energy input.

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Magnetic separator:
How it works

In the metalworking industry, cooling water is required in many areas of production: During hot rolling, quenching of hot strips to adjust special physical properties, descaling or laminar cooling.

The water removes the heat and the metal particles. The metallic particles and the metal abrasion adhere to the oil phase of the emulsion during the respective machining process. If it continues to be used, the metal it contains leads to a reduction in quality because it damages surfaces, contaminates belts, and reduces the service life of tools through increased wear.

One way is to add chemical packages or to replace the emulsion completely, which causes considerable disposal costs for the emulsion and the metal sludge.

Our full-flow or bypass magnetic separators get the metal out of the emulsion with high-performance magnets. The metal content is reduced to one fiftieth, and the mixture can continue to be used as intended. The unit operates without pressure and without chemicals.

Advantages of the magnetic separator

  • Significantly longer service life of the emulsion
  • Increase in metal separation efficiency to 95%
  • Improvement of product quality due to cleaner surfaces
  • Longer die service life
  • Less deposits in pumps and heat exchangers
  • Less oil discharge during cleaning
  • Modular design, can complement equipment or be completely rebuilt

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