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PSF 600

Plasma recirculation filter for base mounting

Automatically deploying plasma filter module for mounting in the base

Technical features

This efficient and effective plasma recirculation filter is designed to improve indoor air and can be connected in three different ways thanks to its variable design.

Fields of application

  • For installation in wall and island hoods


  • Through the ionization process, the filter eliminates up to 99% of all odor pollution
  • Inactivates viruses, pollen, bacteria and allergenic substances
  • No release of ozone
  • Real volume plasma instead of ozone generator
  • Cleans high air volume


  • For installation in wall and island hoods

Technology material

  • Plasma filter, activated carbon
  • Via an integrated sensor, the filter switches on automatically in the event of air flow

Installation maintenance

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Activated carbon can be changed
  • By rotating the unit, the connection can be on the left or right side of the filter
  • After simple loosening of screws, the positioning of the connection is possible in the center of the filter

Additional info

No use of chemicals
230V/50 Hz

Technical data

Produkcname Suitable for
Activated carbon-
gehalt in g
leistung in W
Netzspannung Mains voltage in mm
(L x B x H)
PSF 600 700 ca. 300 ca. 7 230V/50 Hz 600 x 280 x 99
PSF 600 B* 850 ca. 300 ca. 7 230V/50 Hz 600 x 280 x 99
*   with Bora Adapter

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