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Ventilation systems for the catering industry

Exhaust air purification, odour control, fire protection

oxytec develops and implements innovative systems for cleaning kitchen exhaust air. This makes it easier to comply with official regulations, and gastronomy can be integrated more easily into residential and shopping environments.

The basis is UV-C/ozone, plasma and scrubber technology, which also serves fire protection and reduces maintenance.

Exhaust air purification in the catering industry:

Solutions for the typical problems

Greasy exhaust air

Exhaust air from professional kitchens contains large amounts of grease and aerosols, which leads to several problems. Exhaust air ducts become clogged and have to be cleaned in a cumbersome and costly manner. Frequent filter changes cause costs and disrupt operations. The smell leads to problems with residents or neighbouring businesses.


A central problem of catering kitchens is the odour that can be perceived outside. Exhaust air from kitchens leads to conflicts with the surroundings and can even prevent the approval of gastronomy. With oxytec solutions, odour can be eliminated by 99%. That is why we often have an alternative to exhaust air via the roof, as recommended by the TA-Luft.


Barbecue stations are a particular challenge. The exhaust air is particularly hot, contains soot and grease particles and is therefore difficult to clean. For oxytec, however, this is not a problem: with smoke scrubbers, a UV ozone stage or with NT plasma exhaust air purification, we get the odour and the fire hazard under control.

Fire hazard

The most frequent cause of fire in the catering industry is grease deposits in the exhaust air area. Especially in the exhaust air ducts, grease is difficult to eliminate. When sparks and flames rise, the grease can easily ignite. oxytec systems eliminate the grease from the exhaust air and solve the problem at the source.


Grease in catering exhaust air cannot be avoided. But oxytec can make dealing with it massively easier. Our grease separators are quick and easy to clean in the dishwasher and, thanks to modern cleaning technology, the exhaust air ducts remain clear. The oxytec air purification processes for the catering industry also help in places that are difficult to reach.

Comply with environmental regulations

Microfine oil droplets, fatty acids, triglycerides – the list of pollutants in kitchen exhaust air is long. The airborne aerosols have a typical PM10 particle spectrum. In plain language: they consist mainly of aerosols with a maximum diameter of 10 micrometres. Downwards, the spectrum extends to gaseous compounds with a diameter of far less than one micrometre. Filtering them out is the most important task of commercial kitchen ventilation.

The new European standard DIN EN 16282 states: “The ventilation system must be able to separate odours, grease components and gaseous products from the exhaust air”.

Site selection made easier

The standard solution for catering kitchens is exhaust air via the roof. And this is very often not possible at all: too costly in high-rise buildings, a visual disaster, forbidden by neighbours or listed buildings.

With oxytec plasma exhaust air purification, almost complete neutralisation of grease and odours is possible. In this way, the gastronomy exhaust air can often be discharged from the side of the building and free of nuisances for the surrounding area.

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Our solutions for cooker bonnets –
as individual as our customers’ businesses

Cooker bonnets for restaurants and canteens

For easy installation, we offer ready-made cooker bonnets with integrated cleaning systems. With a variety of designs, open catering concepts are also possible, where food is freshly prepared in front of the guests. Canteens are transformed into attractive lounges and cafeterias with a design inspired by modern cafés or lounges. As far as the ambience is concerned, anything goes – except kitchen fumes!

Solutions for commercial kitchens

oxytec not only provides effective, odour-minimised kitchen exhaust air, but also makes a significant contribution to occupational safety with ventilated ceilings and individually designed bonnets. Supply air, exhaust air, draught-free working environment, changing work situations – kitchen exhaust air is a complex topic that requires a lot of experience and expertise. We realise projects for commercial kitchens from the requirements analysis to operation.

Extractor bonnets for small kitchens, snack bars and open cooking stations

The topic of ventilation is often the last to be dealt with in kitchen planning, especially when it comes to small businesses. Yet the kitchen exhaust air of the catering industry can also become problematic in such establishments. 

With effective secondary air technologies, contemporary gastronomy and takeaway concepts can be realised economically side by side, even in tight spaces.

Solutions for ships

oxytec has often developed exhaust air systems for large cruise ships. On ships, oxytec solves a wide range of problems: kitchen exhaust air that must not be noticed by passengers, automatic connection to the ship’s ventilation systems, longer shelf life of food supplies by sterilising the air, odour elimination in rubbish rooms. The disinfection of breathing air in restaurants and cabins is also part of this.

Extractor bonnets for hotels

Innovative gastronomy and catering concepts require new ventilation concepts: Where hot egg dishes are enjoyed in the morning, fresh fish is served from a hot stone at lunchtime, and hearty steaks from the grill in the evening – and all this directly in the hotel lobby, the guest room or in the open restaurant area. Exhaust air systems from oxytec keep odours under control. The guest lingers and enjoys.

Solutions for railway stations, airports, shopping centres

Wherever many people come together, there is also a need for catering. But especially when food is not the main focus, you don’t want to bother passengers and passers-by with unpleasant smells. The requirements for catering in public buildings are high, especially if there are other businesses there.

oxytec eliminates possible odours at the source and thus makes catering possible even if the installation space for conventional catering exhaust systems is not available.

Extractor fan: Use every possibility

Extractor fan via the roof

The legislator requires catering exhaust air to be discharged through the roof because of the odour nuisance. With oxytec, other solutions can also be approved, as our UV ozone and plasma technologies and scrubbers eliminate up to 99% of odours. This means that we can also discharge the exhaust air elsewhere.

Hide extractor fan

It is often structurally difficult to extract the air through the roof. We almost always find a solution to remove the air inconspicuously from the kitchen. Purified air can certainly be directed into areas used by people, such as gardens, underground garages or outdoor staircases.

Exhaust air to the outside must be

Gastronomy without exhaust air to the outside is usually not granted a permit. Our experience also shows that recirculated air purification does not work with the high volume of grease and water vapour in gastronomy. But as long as there is a way out for the air, oxytec can help.

Exhaust air purification process especially for the catering industry

Aerosol and grease separators

Separators retain large quantities of the fats and aerosols bound in water vapour during cooking, frying and deep-frying. They are easy to clean and also fulfil an important function in fire protection. It is also very important for the effectiveness of downstream UV ozone or plasma technology for odour elimination to clean the air of the coarse particles.

oxytex separators are TÜV-tested and have been tried and tested hundreds of times in practice. A wide variety of designs and configurations help to solve almost every practical problem.

Ozone exhaust air purification for the elimination of odours

During frying and deep-frying processes, grease-laden exhaust air flows into the exhaust air systems, ventilation ducts “soot up”, the risk of fire increases sharply. Grease deposits inside the exhaust air ducts have to be removed regularly. This results in high costs, but the problems are only solved in the short term and only partially due to lack of accessibility.

The UV ozone modules are placed directly behind the grease separators. They convert natural oxygen into ozone. The ozone oxidises grease and odour carriers. The residues (CO2, water, dust) are discharged to the outside with the exhaust air flow. The ventilation system and duct remain free of grease and odours.

Plasma exhaust air purification

The NT plasma technology was developed especially for odour elimination and has proven itself in catering and industry. Cigarette smoke, rubbish room odours, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants, even contaminated room air are neutralised with it. Solids and aerosols are separated in the pre-filter stages.

The NT plasma technology is based on a purely physical principle and, like the UV-C/ozone technology, works completely without chemicals. oxytec units are sustainably efficient and comply with the provisions of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2013).


Electrostates are separators that use ionisation to deposit grease and smoke on their collector plates. They are characterised by high efficiency in particle removal from the exhaust air and trap the smallest particles in the order of up to 99.5 %.

A particular advantage of using the electrostatic precipitator is the low pressure loss, which is why existing fans do not need to be reinforced when retrofitted.

Due to the modular design, electrostats can be used for smaller kitchens with lower exhaust air flows as well as for larger kitchens with air volume flows of e.g. 30,000 m3/h and more.

Charcoal barbecue washer

Kochstellen und Grills mit offenem Feuer verursachen hohe Temperaturen bei geringer Feuchtigkeit und sondern viele Asche und Kohlepartikel ab. Das bringt nicht nur einen hohen Verschmutzungsgrad, sondern auch Brandgefahr.

Rauchwäscher von oxytec lassen Wasser zirkulieren, welches Rauch, Fette und Rußpartikel bindet. Abhängig vom Prozess kann das Waschwasser für einen längeren Zeitraum genutzt werden.

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