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Pure air
and pure water

Air and water are the basis of our lives. oxytec cleans them with innovative processes derived from nature.

oxytec systems for air and water purification and disinfection have already convinced countless industrial companies, restaurants and shipping companies. The cleaning and disinfection technology from oxytec is now also gaining acceptance in small businesses and private households.

Solutions for special requirements:

Air and water purification face very different challenges depending on the industry. That’s why we have specialised in different industries, both professionally and technologically:

Competences and technologies

oxytec relies on cleaning processes that make use of the physical laws of nature. Natural sunlight, thunderstorms and rain have a cleansing effect on nature. The principles behind this are suitable for a wide variety of technological contexts and can replace other costly and usually less effective processes:

How we can promise effect and efficiency at the same time?

Because we are guided by nature. It has had millions of years to develop its mechanisms.

Anja Toussaint, oxytec

Exhaust air purification

Complying with environmental laws and avoiding odour nuisance requires precisely targeted measures. We offer a wide range of solutions for the removal of pollutants and contaminants, which have been specially developed for specific industries and production processes.


For use in industry, we have various disinfection processes based on UV-C and UV-ozone technology. Air, water and surfaces, as well as products and packaging can be freed from germs with these technologies in an energy-saving and environmentally friendly way.

Water purification

Water plays an essential role in industry in a wide variety of places. For the purification of process water, drinking water, cooling water, we offer various, very effective processes, all of which aim to replace energy-intensive or environmentally harmful processes.

Problem solutions from our practice

In more than 15 years, we have realised a large number of projects for exhaust air, surface and water purification. You can find selected examples under the following link:

Our products

Pure air and pure water are topics for numerous industries and problems. That is why we have a relatively broad, specialised range.

You can find an overview here:

Exhaust air purification

Water purification

Healthy Living

Gastronomy exhaust air


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