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UV-C air purifier: healthy living with superior technology.

With plasma technology also against odour.

UV air purifiers enable truly virus-free breathing air. But air also contains bacteria, yeasts, spores, pollen and other allergens that bother people.

UV technology removes it all – sustainably, at low cost and with less maintenance than other systems. UV air purifiers are, according to the state of the art, the best thing you can do to keep the air clean.

Air is essential for life. So what could be more important than healthy air?

Anja Toussaint, oxytec AG

UV-C air purifiers are superior

Disinfection with light

Most air purifiers available today work with hepa filters – and they have considerable disadvantages: Germs such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and spores collect in the filter and are dangerous in high concentrations. Filters are expensive and have to be changed regularly. Occupational safety even prescribes protective equipment for this.  And whether the filters perform consistently and are changed in time is the question.

The oxytec air purifiers, on the other hand, work with UV-C light.

This light spectrum is also found in sunlight. Its disinfecting effect has been known for decades and is already widely used in catering and industry. UV-C air purifiers neutralise germs completely, the air purifiers require hardly any maintenance and consume less energy.

Products from our UV-C air purifier range:

Fresh air, free from odour, free from germs:

Plasma air purifiers achieve this.

Kitchen odours

Fish, onion and cabbage are healthy, but the smell in the flat …


Dogs are great. But sometimes they just smell.

Cigarette smoke

Wherever the smoke comes from, you don’t want it in your home.


Some smells you don’t want at all. Nowhere.

Plasma: The enhancement of UV-C technology

UV radiation can also be used to generate plasma. Plasma is a high-energy state that heats molecules to ultra-high temperatures and thus splits them. Among other things, this produces free oxygen that reacts with air pollutants and binds them.

oxytec is the only manufacturer to use plasma technology to guide the air stream to be cleaned directly through the plasma. These plasma air purifiers require considerably less energy, but are much more effective.

Plasma air purifiers from oxytec not only remove all germs and allergens from the air, they also eliminate odours. This is because they eliminate the organic compounds in the air that are responsible for this in three stages: The plasma kills germs and breaks down the molecules, released oxygen and other radicals combine with the molecules responsible for the odour, and a downstream activated carbon filter retains the last remnants. The activated carbon filter cleans itself through its catalyst function.

The plasma air purifiers from oxytec:

Cleanair Cloud

The highly effective air purifier against germs and odours. And also a light.


The mobile professional device for neutralising germs and odours.

Cleanair Sky

The air purifier for rooms where many people come together.

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