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Storage reactor for air post-treatment after UV ozone cleaning

Technical features

This storage reactor is designed for post-treatment after UV/ozone.

Fields of application

  • After CEA mini useful for air aftertreatment


  • For post-polishing of remaining odors and the residual ozone
  • Separation efficiency up to 99% for heavily polluted exhaust air
  • In order to minimize resistance to air flow, a specially shaped activated carbon is used, which causes as little pressure loss and energy costs as possible


  • After CEA mini useful for air aftertreatment

Technology material

  • Activated carbon
  • Stainless steel round tank

Installation maintenance

  • Inspection opening for changing the activated carbon available
  • Inlet and outlet connections DN 250

Additional info

Technical data

product name suitablet
for m³/h
in kg
in mm
Zyl. height H in mm Nozzle N1 Pressure drop
in Pascal
KAT 0,1 300 100 600 1.800 DN250 ca. 1900 Edelstahl
KAT 0,2 500 200 800 1.800 DN250 ca. 1900 Stainless steel
KAT 0,3 1.000 300 950 1.800 DN250 approx. 1900 Stainless steel

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