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Exhaust air purification for frying line

The situation

Frying lines produce vast quantities of greasy exhaust air, bound in water vapor. This air must be discharged into the environment. Our customer is committed to sustainable development and does not want to burden its sustainability balance sheet with either odor or pollutant emissions.

The problem

The large quantities of grease-containing exhaust air from deep fryers and Teflon belt fryers led to constant complaints from residents about odor nuisance. Odor neutralization with citric acid ester, which had been used until then, produced only inadequate results. In addition, heavy grease deposits in the exhaust pipes and on the roof increased the risk of fire. Conventional methods can only remove part of the contamination. Odor nuisance could hardly be avoided so far.

The solution

For the first time in France, the environmentally friendly and at the same time economical UV-C/ozone technology was used.

An oxytec UV-ozone purification system for industrial exhaust air was installed in the exhaust air duct: The exhaust air flows over UV-C light and ozone-producing special lamps (photozon tubes). Grease and other odor-bearing substances are eliminated by up to 98 %.

The product


Clean Exhaust Air
UV ozone exhaust air purification system to meet TA Luft requirements


Clean Fryer Air
Powerful and light exhaust air purification system based on UV-ozone

The result

The fats and odors in the exhaust air are almost completely neutralized. No grease deposits form either in the exhaust pipes or in the surrounding area, and the risk of fire has been significantly reduced as a result. The system works consistently effectively (unlike biofilters), even with varying organic loads – and also saves costs, since no consumable products are needed any more.

The advantages

  • Extensive neutralization of VOCs and odors
  • Compact, lightweight and quick to set up solution
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Compliance with TA-Luft

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