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Exhaust air purification wood and paper industry

The situation

Chemicals typical of the industry are used in the manufacture of wood, paper and cardboard products. Of these, the volatile components such as formaldehyde are released into the exhaust air. In the printing and packaging industry, the printing inks in turn contain solvents (BTEX).

The problem

The associated financial expenses for air pollution control measures place a heavy burden on these operations. High demands are placed on the cleaning system, since almost all emissions from the plant are of organic origin and consist of compounds containing tar, oil or solvents, which also have a strong odor.

In the context of emission reduction, thermal afterburning is often used, which is characterized by high energy costs.

The solution

Eine deutlich energieschonendere Ablufttechnik stellt die UV-C/Ozon Technik dar. Das modulare

UV-C/ozone technology represents a significantly more energy-saving exhaust air technology. The modular exhaust air purification system efficiently removes tar, oil and solvents as well as odors.

The process consists of several system components:

  • Gas scrubber
  • Condenser
  • UV-C/Ozone exhaust air purification system
  • Reaction section
  • Catalyst

The product


Clean Exhaust Air
UV ozone exhaust air purification system to meet TA Luft requirements


Storage reactor for air post-treatment after UV ozone cleaning

The advantages

  • Low operating costs – compared to conventional afterburning processes, up to 80 percent of energy costs are saved.
  • High separation efficiency of the oxytec exhaust air purification systems ensures compliance with the emission limits according to TA-Luft and the VDI guidelines.
  • Low maintenance expenses – the oxytec exhaust air purification systems are not subject to thermal wear.

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