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Odor problem solved. Exhaust air over roof avoided.

Exhaust air purification restaurant

The situation

Directly on the Eckernförde harbor promenade is the elegant Miral Restaurant. In addition to meat dishes, the menu there also includes various fried fish dishes and Black Sea Tiger shrimp.

The restaurant offers terrace seating in addition to indoor seating. Behind the restaurant there are high-quality vacation apartments with a view of the Eckernförde harbor and the Eckernförde bay.

The problem

For the resulting kitchen exhaust air, a conspicuous exhaust duct would have to be routed up to 3m above the roof.

The facade appearance and the view of the residents would be considerably impaired by the bulky exhaust pipes.

The solution

The managing director decided on a plasma recirculation system for an exhaust air volume of 5000 m3 (CAP 5000). The system removes grease from the exhaust air and keeps it virtually odor-free.

The plasma system was installed – completely “invisible” to restaurant visitors – below the kitchen in the basement (under the stairs). The exhaust is located at floor level to the side of the port.

The result

On the facade there is no indication of the gastronomy working behind it. Restaurant guests on the terrace and residents are not bothered by cooking odors.

The product


Clean Air Plasma
Plasma complete system, almost complete elimination of odor

The advantages

  • Extensive neutralization of VOCs and odors
  • Compact, lightweight and quick to set up solution
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Compliance with TA-Luft

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