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Space for clean air can be found even in the smallest room.

Exhaust air purification for the bistro

The situation

In the middle of the picturesque small town is the historic market square with the adjacent church. Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, there is a well-attended weekly market. Adjacent to the church is a row of stores with public toilets, a kiosk and a bistro. At the level of the row of stores there is also a plateau with benches.

The problem

The bistro is located in an Art Nouveau building where exhaust air over the roof is not feasible. Thus, the exhaust air was blown at ground level from an exhaust air grille between the seating level and the church. This led to odor nuisance, especially in the area of the pews. It was not possible to linger there without being bothered by kitchen odors.

The solution

After a site visit, oxytec found a technical solution that met the cramped conditions in the bistro and the requirement to avoid technical installations outside the bistro as far as possible.

A plasma unit type CAP 1500 was used, which works as follows: In the first chamber there are pre-filter, electrostatic filter (for blue smoke) and fan, followed by the plasma units in the second chamber. In the third chamber, activated carbon acts as a storage reactive. The assembly of the unit and other works were carried out by a local specialized company.

The product


Clean Air Plasma
Plasma complete system, almost complete elimination of odor

The result

The air is now blown out directly behind the benches without disturbing the lingering visitors to the market with kitchen odors. A visual impairment of the historic marketplace is avoided.

The advantages

  • Compact, lightweight and quick to set up solution
  • Low maintenance costs

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