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Minimize odor problems and heat loss.

Exhaust air purification Food drying

The situation

Food drying is a gentle process that preserves the flavor, texture and shelf life of products. It is often used for vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and tea.

For a drying result of high quality, the products must be dried gently and under constant heat. Water is extracted from the fresh food products under constant high heat until the water content is between 18% and 25%, depending on the product.

Efficient air purification, which at the same time utilizes the waste heat, is required for the economical operation of the drying plant.

The problem

Drying is a process with high energy consumption and heavy exhaust air pollution. Not only are contaminants such as aerosols, VOCs and other particles bundled in the exhaust air stream, but also valuable thermal energy, which is usually released untreated to the outside world.

The solution

In addition to the separation of aerosols and particles, an efficient exhaust air purification system in drying plants must also offer an efficient solution approach for reliable odor pollution.

oxytec combines powerful UV-C and UV-ozone modules with an activated carbon filter. These modules efficiently and comprehensively remove up to 90 % of odor-bearing aerosols, vapors and VOCs from the exhaust air stream.

The result

The system achieves an odor reduction of over 95%.

The oxytec exhaust air purification systems easily meet the legal requirements for clean air quality according to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and TA-Luft.

The advantages

  • Low investment requirement compared to thermal post-combustion
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low space requirement

The product


Clean Exhaust Air
UV ozone exhaust air purification system to meet TA Luft requirements

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