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Exhaust air purification frying plant.
Production without grease smell is possible.

The situation

One of Europe’s largest poultry producers produces high-quality, fresh poultry products in the cold cuts, convenience and steaks segments, as well as frozen poultry products for industrial and home service customers. The frying plants produce massive amounts of greasy, steamy exhaust air.

The problem

The 60°C hot exhaust air from several deep-frying and frying lines with a total volume of 7000 m³/h presented a real challenge to exhaust air management. Previously, it was treated with the help of a thermal afterburner (TNV) with a connected load of 800 kW, which was in operation for 3500 hours a year, but could not solve the odor problem satisfactorily. The burner capacity of the TNV ranged from 300 to 1100 kW, while that of the thermal oil boiler was 300 kW. The high energy consumption put a heavy burden on the operation.

The solution for the purification of exhaust air from the frying plant

A UV-C/ozone purification system for hot industrial exhaust air was installed in the exhaust air ducts of the deep-frying and frying lines. Organic substances in the strong-smelling, grease-contaminated frying exhaust air are eliminated by photolytic oxidation. The exhaust air flows through UV-C light-producing tubes in the exhaust air duct. The light from these tubes converts natural oxygen into ozone, which combines with fat and odor carriers and breaks them down. The few dust-like residual substances are 100% biodegradable.

The result

Olfactory measurements have shown that the oxytec exhaust air purification system has led to a significant reduction in odor pollution in the neighborhood: A whole 2 odor units (GE) were still registered at the nearest neighbor of the Oldenburg production site.

Operating costs have also been reduced considerably: The consumption of the TNV of about 943,000 kWh/a is compared to 47,600 kWh/a of the oxytec plant. The savings of over 95% are also due to the on/off system: In times of low utilization, the plant goes into standby mode.

The advantages of our exhaust air purification of the frying plant

  • Extensive neutralization of VOCs and odors
  • Compact, lightweight and quick to set up solution
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low energy costs
  • Compliance with TA-Luft

The product


Clean Fryer Air
Powerful and light exhaust air purification system based on UV-ozone

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