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Exhaust air purification for baking lines. As precise as baking.

The situation

The exhaust air purification of baking lines for bread, rolls, pizza dough or for fat baked goods requires individually adapted processes. The individual modules of production, such as the warping machine, proofing cabinet, cooling spiral or tunnel oven, are precisely adjusted to the respective baked goods in order to ensure a high-quality baking result. Each baking line therefore has its own individual exhaust air problem.

The problem with the exhaust air cleaning of baking lines

The exhaust air purification of the baking lines must be adjusted to the individual production machines, because the production exhaust air is just as complex as the manufacture of the product itself. In addition to high particle and odor loads, contamination of the exhaust air by oily and pasty aerosols, especially in the area of boiling baking, is a major problem. If these contaminants and odors are not separated from the exhaust air, they can be deposited on production machines and damage them or enter the working area of employees.

Odor contamination of exhaust air streams is also a major challenge in industrial bakeries. High-level odor reduction is an important part of a high-performance exhaust air purification system.

The solution

Our compact exhaust air purification system represents a complete solution that can be easily integrated into existing baking lines. The exhaust air purification works with UV ozone and is therefore extremely energy-efficient.

The result

More than 95% of the odor in the exhaust air from the baking line is removed.

Fatty deposits in the exhaust air ducts are avoided – important for fire protection and the reduction of maintenance costs.

The advantages of our exhaust air purification of baking lines

  • Low investment requirement compared to thermal post-combustion
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low space requirement

The product


Clean Fryer Air
Powerful and light exhaust air purification system based on UV-ozone

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