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Exhaust air purification high-rise bistro

Kitchen exhaust air without odor

The situation

On the edge of the hospital campus is a high-rise bed block that was to be refurbished. Part of the renovation concept was also a new bistro for employees and patients with the intention of offering coffee, cakes and snacks there in addition to a lunch table.

A delivery service will be dispensed with; instead, meals will be freshly prepared in the in-house kitchen, which is located next to the bistro on the first floor.

The problem

According to legal regulations, exhaust air contaminated with grease and odors must be discharged 3 meters above the roof. For a 21-story high-rise building, this is a complex and expensive matter.

The solution

The executing ventilation company decided to discharge the exhaust air horizontally into the environment. Exactly for these applications the low temperature plasma technology has been developed, which oxytec has optimized for its units.

The Cleanair plasma unit CAP (in this case with a volume flow of 5000 m3/h) is simply installed as an exhaust air unit in the kitchen exhaust air duct, in a technical room or – as in this case – in the false ceiling. The oxytec units are controllable and electronically monitored. This means that only normal maintenance work is required. The result is then the required purity of the exhaust air.

The product


Clean Air Plasma
Plasma complete system, almost complete elimination of odor

The result

The discharge now takes place directly on the facade, where it is almost invisible and does not interfere with the architecture. The newly designed facade is thus preserved and additional, cost-intensive supply shafts to the upper floor could be dispensed with.

The advantages

  • The complex routing of the exhaust air via the roof is no longer necessary.
  • There is no odor nuisance.
  • The exhaust air ducts remain grease-free.

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