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oxytec gets the fat out of the air, and outside you smell almost nothing.

Exhaust air purification Fish finger production

Die Situation

The production of fried fish products generates large amounts of fatty vapors and considerable odor. The large manufacturer specializing in fried fish products expanded its production line and now saw an opportunity to test a simple and forward-looking method for eliminating the fatty vapors produced.

The problem

The pre-frying of fish sticks on the 7 m² oil surface generates approx. 3000 m³ of very greasy, 120 °C hot vapor exhaust air per hour. Up to now, thermal afterburning has been used, but this is associated with high maintenance costs and only inadequately solves the problems with odors and grease deposits.

The solution

An oxytec exhaust air purification system was integrated into the exhaust air system of the new frying line. This cleaning system for strongly smelling, grease-contaminated industrial exhaust air eliminates organic substances by photolytic oxidation. The exhaust air flows in the exhaust air duct over UV-C light-producing photocon tubes. These convert natural oxygen into ozone, which combines with grease and odor carriers and breaks them down. The few dust-like residual substances are 100% biodegradable.

The results

With the oxytec cleaning system for hot industrial exhaust air, grease and odorous substances are not only eliminated at the deep fryer, but also at other odor-intensive places such as product flouring, which represents a significant improvement of the working conditions. The exhaust air ducts remain free of grease, and no grease deposits form on the roof or in the surrounding area. The risk of fire has thus been significantly reduced.

The advantages

  • Extensive neutralization of VOCs and odors
  • Compact, lightweight and quick to set up solution
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy costs
  • Compliance with TA-Luft

The product


Clean Fryer Air
Powerful and light exhaust air purification system based on UV-ozone

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