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Sustainability in air-conditioning technology at ISH Frankfurt: Innovative solutions for disinfecting the air we breathe

Hall 8, Booth A84

“Never before have we been made so aware of the importance of a secure energy and water supply. But above all: what the consequences of too much dependence on individual energy sources and suppliers can be.”

Modern ventilation and air conditioning technology offers great potential for energy efficiency.

Advantages of supply and circulating air operated with a UV-C module:

  • Disinfection rate: 90 to 99 %.
  • Absolutely no formation of ozone
  • No formation of nitrogen oxides
  • No formation of fine dust
  • The system is operated with regenerative energy, it is sustainable
  • The disposal of the emitters is regulated by law and free of charge
  • No chemical air change in supply air (outside air)

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