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Good optics, grease and odour avoided.
Exhaust air solution for a steakhouse.

Exhaust air purification in listed old building

The situation

The steakhouse is located in a prime city centre location in a listed building. Roof extensions and high chimneys are therefore not possible. The tenants in adjacent office buildings do not tolerate any odour nuisance.

The problem

The activated carbon used in previous projects was no longer effective after five weeks. In addition, the system had to be cleaned frequently due to a very high fire load.

The solution

The installation of the CKA system has reduced odors by 96%, and hoods and ducts have remained grease-free ever since.

“Maintenance has decreased dramatically. No more complaints from neighbors. Great.”

Felix B.

The product


UV ozone module with integrated ballast

The advantages

  • Extensive neutralization of odor in the environment
  • Low maintenance
  • Fewer operational interruptions

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