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Shopping hygiene

The situation

In retail stores, a great many people come together every day who do not know each other. This is a considerable risk, especially for the staff. In the event of infectious diseases, several employees are often absent at the same time.

The problem

Air purifiers can get the harmful germs and allergens out of the air you breathe. But on the sales floor there is usually no space, no power supply, or the device is simply in the way.

Changing hepa filters is also extremely dangerous because the germs are concentrated in the filter. Protective clothing is required for the change.

The solution

The Cleanair Sky plasma air purifier from oxytec does not require a hepa filter. Because when passing through the plasma, all germs and allergens are completely deactivated in the device. The exiting air is sterile. Even odors are eliminated.

Ceiling mounting places the unit in the ideal position in the air stream: heat rises. The air outlet on the side creates draft-free air circulation. The air does not move from one visitor to another, but from the bottom to the top.

The unit requires very little maintenance. If it really needs attention, it reports itself.

The product

Cleanair Sky

The plasma air purifier for optimal air circulation as a ceiling unit

The advantages

  • Infections with airborne germs are avoided.
  • Allergy and asthma sufferers find a room climate that spares them from allergic reactions.
  • Even the smallest viruses, e.g. corona viruses, are captured.
  • The maintenance effort is low.
  • The energy costs are negligible.

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