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Internorga 2023: Sustainable exhaust air purification and more flexibility for the catering industry

Hardly any other industry has been put to the test as much as the catering and hotel industry in recent years. Three years of pandemics, lock-downs, rising energy and raw material prices are forcing the catering and hotel industry to rethink.

Sustainable products and services and energy efficient technologies are the future of this and many other industries.

oxytec creates more flexibility in the routing of exhaust air and thus makes many a concept feasible for the first time.

Individual and energy-saving systems for the elimination of heat loads, air humidity and air impurities in commercial kitchens are continuously developed by oxytec on the basis of the latest technologies and using profound expertise. The systems deliver comfortable thermal conditions at low operating costs.

In addition to energy efficiency, there are other reasons why kitchen exhaust air purification systems are necessary:

  • Occupational safety
  • hygiene
  • fire protection
  • building protection

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