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Infection-free in medical treatment rooms

The situation

The risk of infection is particularly high in rooms where many people with diseases come together. The risk of infection is particularly high in the laboratory, the treatment or consultation room, and in the lounge and waiting rooms. Sick people meet weakened people, which represents a considerable risk for the latter.

The problem

Germs are transmitted through the air, and the consequences can be severe.

The solution

UV devices from oxytec significantly reduce this risk. Even multi-resistant germs are inactivated by the UV technology and thus no longer cause any damage. If the UV module is then integrated into the ventilation and air conditioning system, this is the best protection, as scientific studies have proven. The specially developed and very quiet running air disinfection units from oxytec are especially suitable for rooms with pesons. Our Freshair devices we for waiting areas, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, nursing homes and retirement homes.



UV-C exhaust air purification module for installation in air handling systems

Cleanair Sky

The plasma air purifier for optimal air circulation as a ceiling unit


The mobile plasma air purifier for neutralization of germs and odor

The advantages

  • Protection of patients and staff
  • Low sickness rate
  • No risk when changing filters
  • Low energy costs

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