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Controlled ventilation of living space with hygiene

The situation

For the energy balance of a house, it is particularly important to minimise the heat losses that occur during ventilation. Controlled living space ventilation automatically supplies the rooms with fresh air from outside and regulates the air exchange by mixing the freshly supplied air streams with the tempered room air.

The problem

Odours, but also spores, allergens and pathogens enter the indoor area with the supply air from outside. Some of these accumulate in the ducts and thus remain effective in the long term. Transport from one room to another is also possible. Thus, the residents are often not aware of where their health burdens come from.

The solution

With a UV unit specially designed for installation in ventilation systems, the supply air is freed of all organic loads and odours as soon as it enters the building.

The product


Controlled living space ventilation
Plasma cleaning module for installation in ventilation ducts

The advantages

  • Allergy and asthma sufferers will at least find an indoor climate at home or at work that spares them from allergic reactions.
  • Even the smallest viruses, e.g. corona viruses, are detected.
  • Maintenance costs are low.
  • The energy costs are negligible.

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