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Disinfection with UV ozone, for air washers, fountains, tanks, humidification systems

Technical features

This waterproof immersion heater is specially designed for the requirements of
of air flows in central air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Germs, viruses, yeasts and mold spores often settle here and are distributed by the air streams into production and work rooms and continue to multiply. The immersion heater inactivates these germs and microorganisms by means of the UV-C tube and prevents their reproduction.

Fields of application

  • Air washers, humidification systems, wells, cisterns, tanks
  • Also for temperature range 0 – 10 °C


  • UV radiation of the low-pressure lamp inactivates bacteria, viruses and other germs and prevents their reproduction as well as algae growth.
  • No change of the original water properties (color,
    odor, taste, minerals)


  • Air washers, humidification systems, wells, cisterns, tanks
  • Also for temperature range 0 – 10 °C

Technology material

  • Stainless steel with very high surface quality for highest demands on hygiene
  • The electronic ballasts can optionally be supplied completely wired in the control cabinet or supplied separately
  • Monitoring of the emitters is possible on request: a malfunction is indicated
    is indicated by an indicator
  • LED or a remote signalling contact.

Installation maintenance

  • Simply

Additional info

  • 230 V/50 – 60 Hz

Technical data

Productname Length in mm D in mm Connected load in W Connection cable in m (with bend protection) Weight in kg Material
TST 300 349 30 15 3 1,3 Stainless steel
TST 400 449 30 20 3 1,5 Stainless steel
TST 810 859 30 40 3 1,7 Stainless steel
TST 810 HO 859 30 110 3 1,7 Stainless steel
TST 920 920 30 95 3 1,8 Stainless steel
TST 1200 1.249 30 70 3 1,9 Stainless steel

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