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Odorless smoking room

The situation

Although smoking is not permitted in hotel rooms, there are always guests who do not comply with this requirement. Airing alone does not help to eliminate the odors.

The problem

The effort to rid a hotel room of the smell of smoke is considerable: the curtains must be cleaned, the carpet must be shampooed. The room can therefore not be occupied for two to three days. For the hotel, this means high costs and personnel expenditure.

The solution

The UV ozone purifier Saniair cleans not only the air but also the surfaces. By means of UV light odor particles are broken up, the intense UV light in the device produces ozone. Therefore, no people should be in the room during the treatment.

The released ozone reacts with organic deposits on surfaces, as well as with organic particles in the air.

The product


Mobile UV ozone for elimination of odors and disinfection

The solution

After a short treatment period, the air in the room is as fresh as after a cleansing thunderstorm – chemically the same process.

The room can be rented out again at short notice.

The advantages

  • eliminates smoke odor surprisingly quickly and sustainably
  • other unpleasant odors can also be eliminated in this way
  • the effort for the personnel is very low
    hardly any costs

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