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No smell in the ski cellar

The situation

All skiers know the unmistakable smell of the rooms where the used sports equipment and boots are stored overnight.

Neither for the guests nor for the hosts the issue is pleasant.

The problem

Even if the odors originate mainly in the shoes, who wants them in the room? The smell in the air is caused by organic compounds, which you can deactivate sustainably.

The solution

The space-saving UV ozone air purifier from oxytec deactivates all germs and physically breaks down organic compounds transported in the air. In the process, odors are almost completely eliminated.

Fresh air in the ski cellar is therefore easy to get.

The product


The low-maintenance, mobile UV-C air purifier. Fresh air everywhere.

The advantages

  • Powerful and compact
  • Eliminates odors and germs in the air
  • No maintenance required
  • Low energy costs

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