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Internorga: Gastronomy exhaust air naturally free of grease and odor

Cleaning of gastronomic exhaust air is connected with a number of challenges at once. The requirements of the customer and the location must be reconciled with the requirements of authorities:

  • Cleaning requirements
  • Fire protection
  • odor requirements
  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of historical monuments
  • Heat recovery

Thanks to many years of expertise and innovative technologies, oxytec is able to meet regulatory requirements while realizing individual customer wishes. The advantages:

  • Safety: significantly higher fire protection, all components of the exhaust air system remain largely grease-free
  • Odor elimination: improved air quality even outside the building
  • Effective hygiene and improved indoor climate: destruction of bacteria and mold spores
  • Cost-saving: significantly reduced maintenance requirements, longer service life of the exhaust air system
  • Energy saving: use of kitchen exhaust air for heat recovery possible

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