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Innovative air purifiers at ISH Frankfurt

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Hall 8, Booth A84

Cleanair Cloud

The Cleanair Cloud is one of the new products. With a new generation of plasma filters and elegant new colors, the Cleanair Cloud is equally impressive in terms of functionality and design, as it also serves as a light object.

The recirculating air purifier in an aluminum housing is mounted on the ceiling and consists of a multi-stage system: pre-filter, plasma and activated carbon. In the plasma-based room air purifier, the air is transformed into the energetic state of plasma by controlled voltage. Viruses, bacteria and germs are destroyed. At the same time, activated oxygen (O2) is created in the plasma, which also reacts with the pollutants in the air and binds them. The air becomes free of germs and odors in a fraction of a second. Completely residue-free and harmless to humans and animals.

The Cleanair Sky is designed for germ-laden, smelly room air. It ensures highly effective purification of indoor air by effectively not only filtering but inactivating viruses, bacteria, yeasts, mold spores in the air and eliminating pollen.

The Cleanair Sky ensures a high level of purification of indoor air thanks to a multi-stage system. The special feature lies in the room air flow: the exhaled air is captured both by the thermal and by the suction of the device on the ceiling, without being further distributed in the room. It is sterilized in the unit and blown out parallel to the ceiling. Due to the Coanda effect, the air flows along the ceiling to the walls. Since the walls are usually colder than the room air, the air is cooled there, sinks towards the floor and is distributed there. Thus, the displacement air system is realized. The exhaled air, contaminated with aerosols, possibly viruses, does not mix with the room air first, but is led directly towards the unit and cleaned. In this way, the persons in the room are supplied with clean displacement air from below.


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