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Hygiene in ventilation systems

The situation

Today, it is impossible to imagine life without air conditioning and ventilation systems. They have their permanent place in the working world, medical technology and the food industry. We often speak of a “feel-good climate” and by this we also mean temperature and humidity.

But the air in air conditioning and ventilation systems is also the ideal transport medium for viruses and microorganisms such as bacteria, mold spores, yeasts, algae and protozoa.

The problem

The germ-contaminated air is transferred unhindered to the individual building areas via the air conditioning and ventilation, and employees or patients are unnecessarily endangered.

Even in areas or rooms without supply air, surfaces and air can be contaminated with bacteria or viruses and endanger people. The consequences can be fatal: Significant reduction in the shelf life of food, sick building syndrome in workrooms and infections cost a lot of money and reduce the profitability of the operation.

Even the most modern filter technology is not capable of sustainably preventing contamination of air handling systems. On the contrary, filters themselves can be hotbeds of germs.

The solution

oxytec and the UV disinfection technology developed and installed by us supports quite significantly the compliance with the hygiene measures of air conditioning and ventilation systems required by the VDI guideline 6022. The positive consequences are proven by numerous references. oxytec is a specialist for UV disinfection and calculates and optimizes the UV-C disinfection components or the entire UVC modules specifically for the application in question. Of course, existing systems can also be retrofitted with our UV disinfection. Especially for the use in health care, food production and catering oxytec has solutions on UV-C and plasma basis.

The product


UV-C exhaust air purification module for installation in air handling systems

The result

The disinfection systems are sized to achieve microbial kill rates of up to 99% for common germs and pathogens, which include coronaviruses.

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