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Hygiene in cold rooms

The situation

With their humid indoor climate, cold storage rooms sometimes offer ideal conditions for the development of mold. Especially if food is stored there or people stay there, you do not want to have to treat them frequently with chlorine.

The problem

Even after thorough disinfection, numerous mold spores remain in the air, which soon lead to new mold growth.

The solution

Air disinfection devices with UV-C technology provide optimal disinfection of room air and thus fight the evil at its source.

Ideally, the UV lamps are attached directly to the evaporators and thus work optimally with the air movement planned for the room.

UV lamps can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. Good results can also be achieved with our mobile units.

UV-C units from oxytec are suitable not only for cold rooms, but also for storage and ripening rooms.

The product


UV-C exhaust air purification module for installation in air handling systems

UV-C Surface

Plug-in sterilization lamp for areas with constant air movement

The advantages

  • Creates stable conditions
  • Chemical disinfection is no longer necessary
  • No problem for the stay of people
  • Spoilage of food and goods is avoided

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